Friday, July 25, 2014

Treat yourself

I have always been one to carry a camera and take lots of pictures. Now by no means am I a photographer and I may have had the worst pictures in my photography class in college but I still love taking lots of pictures.  

I even hoarded a bunch of scrapbooking supplies with plans to sometime get around to scrapbooking and that hasn't happened yet.  

A few years ago I came across Shutterfly. I have used Shutterfly numerous times for gifts.  I love giving personalized gifts and found Shutterfly books to be perfect for that.

Anyway recently I was introduced to Treat. Treat is a new greeting card website by Shutterfly.  Treat has every kind of greeting/stationary and thank you card you can think of.

Which is perfect because I love sending cards and with my recent move I am looking forward to sending many of my friends and old coworkers cards to keep in touch.  Treat is also a great place to go to find cards for engagement and wedding congratulations, baby announcements, or anything else you may think would be fun to send a card for.

Here are two of the Treat cards I made for two of my besties.

You can make your own card and add pictures or personalize a pre-made card from one of their many categories.

You can even pay for postage and Treat will mail your cards for you.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What are all the cool new jams?

 Since I have had some extra time on my hands to catch up on my TV shows and E! News, and learned a few things along the way.

For starters I don't nor have I ever found Brad Pitt and Angelina brother kissing Jolie to be the Sexiest Couple.  Jen had him when he was at his best and I don't get the appeal to Angelina.  So no I don't care or find it a surprise that after 15 kids they are finally getting married.

When a celeb instagrams a photo it like means a lot.

The floral nail trend is not cute.

No matter how ridiculous I find the Kardashians I will always get sucked into watching. Let's be honest it's mainly for Scott though. 

The bachelorette will always end up annoying me.  I don't think I will ever make it through a whole season and really though who gets engaged after dating only a few months? Yeah that will last.

People actually get surgery to have better looking selfies.  

Bab's and Janelle keep me coming back for more Teen Mom.

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