Friday, March 21, 2014

Binge TV

Everyone has those shows that just suck you in and next thing you know the weekend is over and you just completed watching every episode ever filmed of said show.  You may not have cleaned your house or even showered for that matter but you sure know what happened in episode 16 season 2.  Netflix was made for people like me I don't keep up with shows on regular airtime because I just can't. I'm impatient so I can't handle waiting an entire week before seeing what happens next and I don't do commercials.

My binge shows are...
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Gossip Girl.  All time best show. Ever.  I just don't understand how it's just over just like that over. I may or may not have watched the series a couple of times.

 photo 90210.gif
90210, the newer show not the original.  While I love the original and nothing can ever replace it I really love the remake.

 photo hd.gif
Hart of Dixie.  How is it that more people aren't obsessed with this show?!

 photo b23.gif
Don't trust the B in Apt 23.  This is definitely one that I had to get into once it was available on Netflix.

 photo babs.gif 
Teen Mom/16 and Pregnant.  This show has always just sucked me in and I can't stop watching. Babs is my girl.
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Monday, March 3, 2014

What's in my bag?

I missed this link-up, but my bag was getting really heavy and I figured what better time to do this post then right before I cleaned it out.

So here we go what's in my bag....

The bag: Tory Burch the Amanda Classic Handle Hobo

Wallet (Michael Kors).  I actually had switched out my wallet to a smaller one in hopes that maybe I would carry less junk. Wrong. That did nothing for me.


Kindle Fire.

Gift card from work.

World's finest chocolate bar.

Written Warning from apparently speeding.

Sun glasses.

Lip Balm, I don't like chapped lips.

A pen because you never know when you will need something to write with.

Perfume, someone may need some.

Saba products, because you never know when you need some appetite suppressants or multivitamins. duh.

Leopard gloves because its cold and leopard goes with everything right?

Ibuprofen.  I have had a lot of headaches lately.

Qdoba points card.

I must say other than the chocolate bar I am surprised there was no food in my purse.  I always seem to have food. 

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