Thursday, April 25, 2013

Check him out...

Just added a new button to the button page!

Go check out his blog he seems pretty great and I'm sure he would be my bestie with testies in real life he just doesn't know it yet.

All I have to say for today, I am getting caught up on my blog reading and hopefully will have some new post for y'all soon.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sister Sister

I have been so out of touch with the blog world lately and have so much reading to catch up on and probably some posting if I want to keep any readers around.  
(G visiting me back in the day at college to make sure I was doing things the right way, her way)

I was thinking since my sister is getting married this weekend and she is kinda a big part of my life I could do a post or two revolving around her.  I did kick her off my blog months ago for not pulling her weight.  

G has always been one of my bests of course she has been that bestie that at times you don't know why you like them but you have invested too much time you can't just abandon ship.

G is 3 years older so she has always been there for me to guide me in the right direction, her direction that is.  You know for the typical things...someone to play with, help do chores, tell you what you like and don't like.  Typical sister things.

G helped me make decisions in life.  Like when it came to movies when we were little she declared The Little Mermaid her movie and mine could be Beauty and the Beast.  

When it came to boy bands she informed me that N*Sync was her thing and Backstreet Boys could be mine.  

What a sweet heart, I know.

I could always count on her to fight my battles for me, like in Kindergarden when this playground troll said she could see my panties because I was wearing a dress that day and it was windy.  I marched straight to the 3rd graders playground and told G what was up and there she was next to me below that troll on the monkey bars, demanding she know and understand that I looked adorable in that dress and she better never mention being able to see my underwear again.

So see sisters are good for something kids.  G I do appreciate you guiding me through life and it's big decisions.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Bachelorette Party Shenanigans.

This weekend we had my sister G's bachelorette party.
We kinda threw it together at the last minute.  As of Wednesday I still wasn't 100% sure what we would be doing Saturday but it all ended up coming together just fine and we had a great time.

We ended up going to the lake we have spent many summers at and knew it would be a good time.

What's better than good friends, drinks and a house on the lake?

Saturday morning came and I had no idea what I would be wearing for the party so G and I went to the mall and found her dress, my dress and my bestie Lu's dress, party games/favors and had my eye brows done all in about an hour and a half.  I believe that was a personal record right there and every store we went into people kept thinking we were in high school shopping for our prom. 

Once we got to the lake house G opened some gifts, had some wine and cake balls, played games and started getting ready for dinner.  

We kept things small and there were just 5 of us for the night.  Somehow we all managed to forget our hair straighteners assuming the other would have theirs.  Thank goodness Lu brought he curling wand or we would have been SOL in the hair dept.

Picture overload ahead.
I took way too many pictures.

Everyone kept thinking Joel was the groom.

This coming weekend is the wedding and you know there will be plenty more pictures to come.
What's that?  This isn't Instagram?
Sorry I'm not sorry.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


I am going to be redesigning my blog soon  I can never get it how I want it.

I have moved all the buttons to the buttons page and have created a page for ACE since I have gotten so many emails asking about it.  I figured that way those who don't want to read about it just don't have to click that tab.

Hopefully soon I will get more free time and I can get back to blogging and reading blogs on the regular.  

I am throwing G a bachelorette party this weekend so prepare yourself for updates next week! :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Real Talk

I don't know if it is apart of growing up, maybe it's my better understanding and closer relationship with God or heck it could be the anxiety meds but whatever it is something has changed in me.

The tragic event  in Boston for example, if it had been a few years ago an event like that would have shaken me to my core.  I would have lost my appetite for the week, cringed anytime I heard or saw news coverage or the event was brought up and forget sleeping.  I would have lived in fear. Fear would have control over my life.

 Fear of what exactly, the event itself, the thought it could happen to myself or someone I love dearly?  I'm really not sure what it was I was fearing but my anxiety would overcome me and I had no control over it. 

While I am in no way shape or form saying that these tragedies no longer effect me, I am saying I no longer let fear overcome me and control my life.  That is no way to live.  While I pray for everyone during this time, those affected in anyway I must keep in mind that I believe nothing is greater than my mighty God and when you only fear the good Lord above, the bad and the evil no longer can control your life and make you live in fear. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I've lost that loving feeling...or blogging feeling

Gahh I have been a terrible blogger.

Work has been crazy and exhausting and by the time I get home there is no computer action going on.
Pretty lame excuse I know but true.  Hopefully I will get my blogger mojo back soon.

Oh yeah and I have a bachelorette party to plan for this weekend for G.
Procrastination at it's finest my friends.

I'm currently taking suggestions, ideas, ect.

Ready, Set, GO!

Some bachelorette party related pins from Pinterest.

Pillow fight!!! Actually all I could think about was what if a feather got in my eye that wouldn't be very comfortable.

Pecker confetti? Whaattt?  Every decoration I find is in the shape or theme of a male reproductive organ.

Maybe a barf bucket would be a good idea I'm sure it would come in handy for someone.

  Ahhh this dress is the perfect bachelorette party dress!

Feel free to give me some suggestions and ideas you may have for our weekend! :)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Is this real life?

On one of my daily ventures through Pinterest I came across these candles.

They are called Diamond Candles and inside every candle there is a ring valuing anywhere between $10-$5000 and the candles are $24.95.

You burn the candle and eventually the ring appears.

My question is has anyone heard of these candles?  Is this real life?

I want to order one, I am always burning candles in my office.

The website looks legit but you never know and I wouldn't want to end up like Manti Tao.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

You're so vain I bet you think this post is about you...

A lot of times when I post something on facebook, twitter or speak in real life, I get asked are you serious? Is this real or are you kidding?

Well that is the thing about me, I can be serious when I need to be (professional settings of course) but most of the time I am not too serious of a person, I am sarcastic and can't resist a good joke whether or not I am the only one who finds it funny, so when I am being serious people who know me tend to think I am kidding.

This got me to thinking as this has been happening quite often lately, how many of my readers really know me.

This may be where you stop reading, that is fine too I guess we weren't all meant to be besties.

If you know me....

You know I love my music.
When one of my favorite tunes comes on the radio and whoever is in the car with me does not stop any noise I become slightly homicidal. Especially if George is singing.

I'm not too big of sweets eater, that doesn't mean I don't eat them of course it just means I prefer salty things.

Glitter is my favorite color.

I am a fast walker, talker and pretty much just do everything at a fast pace.

I love a good book.

I go to bed early and am most likely the first to pass out.

I have daily routines.  I do things in a certain order everyday and if something happens out of order my day is thrown off.

I use to have this thing where I had to sit in the middle seat in the car.  

If I paint my nails and one chips all the polish must come off.

I don't like my phone battery life to get below 70%.

I have had a shoe fetish since I was a young tot.

I like to party as long as that party ends at 9 o'clock.

I had a blanket that I took everywhere named Linus up until just last year. It got too many holes and lost most of the feathers.  Sad day.

People always think I am younger than what I am.

I eat ranch with my pizza.  Ranch makes everything better.

I like my tea sweet.

Dance parties are my fav.

I really don't know what I want to do with my life except be wonderful.

Monday, April 8, 2013

That facebook friend...

Yeah, you know the one we all have them.
Maybe they are the one who...

Doesn't do anything without posting about it on facebook first and if they didn't check in it didn't happen.

The couple that everyone knows is together 24-7 yet they still constantly write on each others walls about how much they love each other.

The poor pity me status updater.  You know the one who was dealt the worst card in life and nothing ever goes their way so they must share their crappy life with everyone so everyone knows they have it worse.

The one who always is asking to "barrow" things.  Well for one if you have to resort to Facebook to find someone's car to use you probably have no business driving a car and I'm not sure what "barrow" means but I don't think I want you doing it to my car, I have heard of borrowing but not barrowing.

The HeandSheLover couple that share a facebook but you never are sure who is the one commenting, posting, ect...

The one that constantly changes their profile picture and it is usually a rotation of their top 5 favorite selfies over the past 6 years.

The one that is always inviting you to join them on some game you don't want to play.

The one who uses a signature every time they comment as if you didn't know who the comment came from.  ~***Sydney**~

The one that always post that awful terrible thing that happened to them but doesn't ever want to share what happened when people ask because it is "personal"which is why they posted it as their status of course.

Tha 1 who kan't speeel 2 save there lyfe, yet catches your attention because you spend some time trying to decode it.

The one who updates their status with whatever they found on Pinterest and thought was clever every five minutes.

One of my favorites is the one who takes pictures with disposable camera quality, uses a terrible font to add their name or inspirational quote and everyone comments how great of a photographer and photo editor they are.

The one that sends you private messages confessing their love for you and what they would like in a lifelong mate and would love it if you would become facebook friends.  Oh and you have never met.

The one who if people don't start commenting on their status or writing on their wall they will just delete their account foreverrrr.

I totally haven't spent anytime on facebook lately.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Remember that time I scheduled my post to publish yesterday morning?  Yeah me either.  I forgot to hit publish.   Maybe that is why scheduling post don't really work out for me.  

So I know I have mentioned ACE a lot lately, but sorry I'm not sorry.  It is great stuff and making everyone around me get skinny, I just don't see a negative here.  Even our preacher said to Mama C " I hear you have been helping everyone lose weight lately, our church is going to be much smaller in no time."  I just told him we were trying to make room for more.

What made me think of this though was when I was uploading my Easter pictures I took over the weekend and came across a picture of my Cousin, girlfriend has started taking ACE and looks good!!

  Check her out for yourself!

Doesn't she look good?  I mean I know she looked good before but even better now!

My sister G is actually having a contest on her ACE facebook page so if you want an easy way to get some free ACE go check her page out and tell her I sent you!

The winner of my Classy N Sassy Creations Giveaway will be announced this week!

Happy Tuesday! 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend Shenanigans

Today is little weekend recap for y'all, because I know everyone is just dying to know what I was doing all weekend.  
Warning: Picture overload.

And I just remembered that today is April fools day and I didn't even have a prank/joke in mind for y'all and to be honest I always get it twisted and think that today is when you are suppose to wear green.

First up a sneak peak, I am redecorating my room and finally put all the bedding and pillows on my bed.

I did some shopping and wasn't even planning on buying myself anything until I came across the cutest shorts and I had to buy almost every color, but I used control and didn't.  I think I will just go back in a few days and buy the rest.

Anchors, sailboats and the color mint I couldn't just not buy them.

I have this obsession with all things nautical so anytime I find something with anchors or sailboats I have to buy it.

Spring time means we have several new baby calves.

Saturday morning I helped Baby Huey with some of the cattle, we call him the calf whisperer.  Unfortunately we have a sick momma cow and that means a new bottle calve.    BH told Papa C when he checked on the momma she was foaming at the mouth which usually mean pneumonia and she probably won't last much longer because she can't get up.  Always breaks my heart.

Sunday was filled with Easter fun.  We woke up and Baby Girl found her Easter basket.  Which she loved.

Then we headed to church.

After church we to my aunt's house for our family Easter festivities.  Mama C is one of seven so our family get togethers are always big and loud and have lots of food.

Hope Y'all had a good weekend!