Tuesday, April 9, 2013

You're so vain I bet you think this post is about you...

A lot of times when I post something on facebook, twitter or speak in real life, I get asked are you serious? Is this real or are you kidding?

Well that is the thing about me, I can be serious when I need to be (professional settings of course) but most of the time I am not too serious of a person, I am sarcastic and can't resist a good joke whether or not I am the only one who finds it funny, so when I am being serious people who know me tend to think I am kidding.

This got me to thinking as this has been happening quite often lately, how many of my readers really know me.

This may be where you stop reading, that is fine too I guess we weren't all meant to be besties.

If you know me....

You know I love my music.
When one of my favorite tunes comes on the radio and whoever is in the car with me does not stop any noise I become slightly homicidal. Especially if George is singing.

I'm not too big of sweets eater, that doesn't mean I don't eat them of course it just means I prefer salty things.

Glitter is my favorite color.

I am a fast walker, talker and pretty much just do everything at a fast pace.

I love a good book.

I go to bed early and am most likely the first to pass out.

I have daily routines.  I do things in a certain order everyday and if something happens out of order my day is thrown off.

I use to have this thing where I had to sit in the middle seat in the car.  

If I paint my nails and one chips all the polish must come off.

I don't like my phone battery life to get below 70%.

I have had a shoe fetish since I was a young tot.

I like to party as long as that party ends at 9 o'clock.

I had a blanket that I took everywhere named Linus up until just last year. It got too many holes and lost most of the feathers.  Sad day.

People always think I am younger than what I am.

I eat ranch with my pizza.  Ranch makes everything better.

I like my tea sweet.

Dance parties are my fav.

I really don't know what I want to do with my life except be wonderful.


  1. I am early to bed, too! And my boyfriend is too so it works out. :)

  2. Ranch on pizza = cracktastic deliciousness! I never paint my nails, but if one does chip, I take all the polish off that one nail, and paint it again. I'm too lazy to mess with the other 9 fingers. Below 70%? You must be chargin your shit 24-7.

  3. oh hey twin. life of the party that ends before 9, I'm there. always sarcastic, yep. shoe obsessed, always. glitter everything, i'm a redneck we like shiny things. talk so fast no one understands, usually.

  4. So, let's start from the beginning.
    1) Exactly! My seester says, "you throw a rock in the crowd. The first one it hit gonna holla!"
    2) George should leave his wife for me. My music is never below a 10.
    3) Ain't nobody got time for slow people.
    4) Chipped nail polish should be punishable by death. But seriously I'm glad I'm not the only person that does this. I've been known to clip a nail because the polish chipped.
    5) Books are the best.
    6) So sad we're old and the party ends early.
    7) I have s stuffed animal I still sleep with. No shame.
    8) In Texas ranch is a side dish.
    9)I just say, MMMM SWEET TEA.

    -----End Comment-------

  5. love the last line of this!! being wonderful is an awesome goal!

  6. #9 - is there any other kind of tea?
    #5 - love to read - whatcha reading?
    #3 - I talk fast, my BF tells me all the time to slow it down.
    #2 - George - sigh...love me some country music.

  7. I love this post.

    I prefer salty foods too.

  8. 1. You are the cutest.

    2. I'm with ya on the 9:00 party curfew.

    3. Ranch totally makes everything better!

  9. you are my kind of party girl because i cannot stay up past 930pm. i'm always the first one to leave an event (people who want to ditch out early often wait for me to make the first move so they don't have to be the first to leave!) and i'm a routine-oriented kinda gal as well!

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