Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Heart Hurts...

Yesterday I was doing my usual blog reading, when I came to Living in Yellow blog.

Erin included in her daily post a picture of a cute little 6 year old boy named Isaac.  Isaac's family was just celebrating in September that he was a survivor of Cancer and now they are just trying to enjoy every last moment of the few months they have been told he has left. The Cancer returned and has taken over his spine and brain. 

She also included a link to his parents online journal.  Of course I clicked the link and was sucked in reading for the day. (I wouldn't read unless you plan on shedding some tears.)

 I took this from a post his mama wrote Sunday about their lives lately..."I did, however, bawl my eyes out when washing and changing Jonah and Isaac's sheets and making their bunk beds."
Wow! Breaks my heart what families have to go through.

 This has been tugging at my heart since I read it. 
 I do not know Erin and I do not know Isaac or his family, but what I do know is this poor family is going through Hell right now.
I know it won't take his Cancer away but I added to the right where you can make a $5 donation to go towards his family and anyone can add it to their site as well.  If you go to Erin's blog you can link up to help show support for Isaac.


Monday, November 26, 2012

The Hap Happiest time of year...

My favorite time of year is here! I LOVE the holidays and Christmas decorations, music and movies.  Everyone keeps talking about their much needed breaks, like anyone is going to say "oh that four day weekend, nah I didn't need it I wish I had been at work instead of relaxing and gorging my face with food."  Any excuse to eat  and miss work I'll take it.

Now that Thanksgiving is over so are those What I am Thankful for facebook posts.  People are onto posting pictures of their decorated trees with their significant other.  Scrolling through facebook everyone is all like our first tree together in love and I'm just like "Mama when are we putting our tree up?"  I have got to get a life or a more grownup life without the bills. 

For now I will leave you with some of my Christmas time favorites.....

What other way to get into the Holiday spirit, without N*Sync's Christmas CD?

My favorite Christmas movie, Christmas Vacation Duhh.

Papa C loves buying See's candy to send to everyone.

Making junk like this and eating lots of it.

Of course I have many more favorites but we would be here all day.
Enjoy your after Thanksgiving Monday Hangover.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Say whaaat??

I'm linking up today  with Helene for Tell me about it Tuesday....

I'm no grammar Nazi, but sometimes I just come across things people post on Facebook and think "are you drunk?"  I honestly don't think some people read what they type before they post a status/comment. And if they do, I really wonder if they understood what they just said.  

I know I misspell things here and there and my punctuation isn't always so great, but I like to think people can read and understand what I am trying to say.

I know a common mistake is your and you're I can handle that, but when I read that your new baby slept "2 nights in a roll."  I become a little confused and well concerned.  Your baby did what?! Were you making rolls and your baby somehow ended up sleeping in one for two nights! is that even safe?

One I see often is people are always asking to "barrow" things.  I'm not sure what barrowing means, but I don't think I want you doing that to my stuff and if you have to ask through your status to "barrow" someone's car they probably shouldn't let you either.  It just can't end good.

You may think your spelling and grammar is just fine, but you could wrong.

Helene in Between

Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday is my second favorite F word...

It's finally Friday and while I could be writing a letter to Friday who probably won't even read it or become all confessional and confess my secrets and sins to readers, I think I will just for once write about my own topic.  Stuff I sometimes want to ask Bloggers but don't.  Wouldn't that be a long link-up name? It's not going to be don't worry.  

But really I know you all think it you just don't say it.  Here is a list of some of the things I wonder...

Who takes all the model like pictures of you?  

Do you spend the day getting ready for said picture and use a tripod or do you actually have a photog that follows you on your way twirling out of the picture perfect house on your way to work?

Do you actually want to read a post about people who sponsor you and why you should check out their blog too? (Not saying I don't want to I'm just asking.)

You give away so much stuff you must be really unselfish or have just a ton of new stuff lying around.  Where do you get it all?

Did these people really just get your address somehow and say I want to send you this cool shit and see if you like it, go on try it out. And how can I get them to find my address?

Do you really think that was a good deal on said item or are you just trying to be fancy huh?

Do readers really send you sooo many emails it is such a burden you have to start posting like a single picture with the caption something along the lines of my popularity is soo stressful need a break, enjoy this pic of peacocks....

Do you really get a ton of emails about what kind of toilet paper you use or foot cream or did you just want to write a post about it?  Either is fine...I think.

Is there really a secret blogging circle and why hasn't anyone taken me under their wing?

That should be all for now.  Please share with me stuff y'all wonder and want to ask Bloggers sometimes.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

I don't do lines...

It's Thursday y'all,  Breaking Dawn Part Two comes out tonight at midnight!  As much as I do love some Twilight I will not being waiting in line after work to see the movie.  I don't do lines.  I would rather wait a day or two and see it crowd free. People just tend to piss me off in large groups.

Speaking of lines, large groups and being pissed off, next Friday is Black Friday already.  Where did the year go?
I don't do Black Friday either.  Every year on the way to my aunts house for Thanksgiving we pass a Best Buy on the way and there are always tents and tons of people starting to line up for the next days sales.  For starters I don't do tents outdoors unless it is a tailgating tent, I don't do lines and I sure don't miss a meal especially one like Thanksgiving to do any of the above.  Sorryboutme not happening.  

As much as waiting to be let into a store to battle other crazies for cheap shit sounds appealing it just isn't my kind of thing. Even though I always dreamed of going on Super Market Sweep and Black Friday is the closest I will probably ever get I would almost rather pay extra just to avoid those festivities.

Instead I think I will enjoy my day off sleeping in my cozy bed, then probably move to the couch, stuff my face with some Thanksgiving left overs and watch some Christmas movies.  I will be online for Cyber Monday though!  Anyone know of any can't miss deals?  I'm hoping to find a good deal on a Cameo Silhouette machine.

What about y'all do any of you go to crazy town for Black Friday?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting...

My Birthday is Saturday!  Woo Hoo.  Okay maybe I'm not that excited I am kinda having issues with this getting older thing.  My Birthday means I run the show, well maybe I already do but now I can use my birthday as an excuse for my bossiness. 
Because I am a Pinterest addict and I can't resist a link-up I am just sharing some of my Birthdayish Pins.

  (This precious pup looks like my old dog Sophie)
 Would make the perfect gift for me. :)

I think I need this dress with some sparkly shoes and it would be a great birthday outfit.

 Throw in some birthday shots of course!

I should probably have this Princess cake too, I have to have a cake right?

Throw in some cute guys and I would call that a successful Birthday!

Happy Pinning!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fur Trends.

I am loving the fur vests I am seeing lately.  I am looking for one kinda like this one I found on Pinterest through Nordstroms. 

While browsing Pinterest I also came across some fur trends I am not loving.
I am sure she is warm, but surely she knows how ridiculous she looks right?
  Just no.  I would think the legs would get in the way of my daily activities.
A whole fur body suit just seems a little much to me, but maybe it is because I am hot natured.
And of course Snooki.  While I don't think her boots are all that bad it is the fact that she is sporting denim shorts and a short sleeve shirt with these babies.  I wonder if her feet got super hot?

On the subject of ridiculous, you know what is ridiculous?  Book prices.  I have noticed through facebook everyone is getting their schedules and such for next semester.  New classes mean new dun dun dun...books.
I always hated buying books because when I would go to sell them back at the end of the year they usually wanted to give me like $5 for a $200 book.  I wish I had knew about and tried out renting books.
If you are interested look into Campus Book Rentals.  I was looking on their site and noticed they had several books I had to purchase for my photography and design classes.


Friday, November 9, 2012

I'm baaaccckkk....

No need to fret any longer, this girl is back from New Orleans!
(Our hotel the Crown Plaza)

Let's be honest here, New Orleans wasn't ever on my list of must go to places.  I always thought it would be dirty and scary.  I had been through once not long after Katrina and it was so depressing looking, but I also must take into account I had only been on the highway and a quick detour in front of the Superdome, not the prettiest view of the city.   I had no desire to return. 
Until my uncle asked my cousin and I if we would like to go when he would be going for business he thought we would enjoy it. Of course we said yes and I am so glad we did.  I LOVED IT!!  
(charbroiled oysters at the ACME Oyster House)

There is so much more than Bourbon St. no ever told me about, to be honest I could have done without Bourbon St.  I loved all the history and old buildings.  The French Market was my favorite, other than the food of course.  The food was amazing.  We tried the top suggested New Orleans restaurants.  I ate waayyy too many charbroiled oysters and had some wonderful shrimp etoufee! And I can't hate a place that you can get yo drank on anytime any day anywhere and it is socially acceptable.
(Streets get so dirty they have to wash them in the mornings that truck sprays soap and water everywhere)

We took a two hour tour all over New Orleans and shopped and shopped.  I always take an extra carry on bag in case I need extra room for things I buy or whatever.  I always check my big suitcase, I'm an over packer and there is no way I could fit it all in a carry on.  My uncle kept reminding me to make sure I didn't leave my taser in my purse or carry on.  Well all is going well in security until I can't find my bag, I then notice the security guy has my bag and is pulling me aside. CRAP! He puts it on the machine to scan it and I had forgotten I had bought some hot sauce and I guess the bottle was too large for a carry on so it set the machine off. Whew! I was worried I had forgotten to take the taser out.  I just told him to keep the hot sauce and I would be on my way.
(The Beauty we found on Bourbon Street)
Our flights went fine, on the way home a really tall athletic guy ended up sitting next to me turns out he was a basketball player and flying in because he was traded to a different team or something I don't know I don't really follow basketball, but he was so nice and so scared of flying.  Once I found out he was scared I told him I had a dream our plane crashed and he was in the dream.  I eventually told him I was kidding and he did laugh so he wasn't too freaked out.  He got my number since he doesn't know anyone  in the area.  What he doesn't know is I'm so boring I might as well not know anyone. 
(Some left over beads on the powerlines)

Although I never found Angelina and Brad's house that I know of, I had a great time on my trip and can't wait to go back!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I’m back, bitches…
For a limited time only.
S gave me one task and since I'm not really that reliable in her opinion these days, I, of course, forgot to get myself together and post this yesterday but now that we are stuck with Obama for 4 more years we need something to cheer us up.  So, here we go...
Election Day has come and gone so I thought I would share a little story about last Election Day. As you know, the C. family is probably as Republican as one family can be. So, of course, S and I spent months showing our support for Senator McCain and Sarah Palin in 2008.
Papa C woke me up extra early the morning of the election to make sure I had plenty of time to go vote. Go ahead, make fun. I was only 23 years old, finishing my last semester of college, and only 3 months in to my very first big girl job.
I made my way to the local Civic Center where voting takes place and got in line with some rather questionable people, some of which I don’t believe should have the right to vote. After a few short minutes (lets not kid ourselves, in a town of 2,000 people you pretty much just walk in and immediately get to vote) I was at the front of the Republican line waiting on the lady behind the table to find my name on the Republican list. (Obviously, our town is so small I didn’t have to tell her my name she knew the second I walked in the door)
This woman is searching and finally tells me I am not registered to vote here. Naturally, I give her a signature G look and roll my eyes. Of course, I’m registered here, I’ve voted here the whole 2 other times I was old enough to vote. Then it hit me…
I am a registered Democrat, F my life. How could I possibly let the fact that I registered as a Democrat, you may ask, slip my mind. Well, at the stupid age of 19 a family friend of ours was running in an election as a Democrat and my family was helping her campaign.
In order for me to vote for this lady in the primary election I had to be registered as a Democrat. Stupidly, I allowed this woman to register me. I voted for her, she lost, I voted Republican for everything else and for the Republican who ran against her in the major election. However, voting Republican does not change your registration to Republican.
Upon this realization, I WALK OF SHAMED over to the loser Democrat table and sure enough, there my name was. I grabbed my ballot as quickly as possible and got the hell away from those Democrats. 
Immediately I called Mama and Papa C and shared my humiliation with them. Papa C informed S and I became known as the black sheep Democrat of the family until the day that my new voter’s card arrived in the mail stating that I was officially a Republican. 

Monday, November 5, 2012


Things have been a little boring around the blog lately and they are about to....stay the same.
 This girl is leaving for New Orleans at the butt crack of dawn.   

I'm ready to stuff my face with some great Cajun cooking.

People watch, I know Nawlin's has got to have more than plenty of that.
  (found this on Google, I NEED to find myself one of these drinks)

Have a few drinks.

And I guess work a little since that is the reason they tell me I am going.

Tune in Tuesday, G will be back blogging about her walk of shame. Oh and don't forget to VOTE. duhh.

You know you love me

(BTW I find probs 90% of my post pictures on Google)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hello November.

Happy November!
I love November.  Thanksgiving, my birthday and I get to start listening to Christmas music.  What more could a girl want?

Before I say goodbye October....

I'm loving Miranda Lambert as Honey Boo Boo.

And because I can't resist the opportunity to wear a tutu, I dressed up as Minnie Mouse at the last minute for Halloween.

Yeah that's all.