Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I’m back, bitches…
For a limited time only.
S gave me one task and since I'm not really that reliable in her opinion these days, I, of course, forgot to get myself together and post this yesterday but now that we are stuck with Obama for 4 more years we need something to cheer us up.  So, here we go...
Election Day has come and gone so I thought I would share a little story about last Election Day. As you know, the C. family is probably as Republican as one family can be. So, of course, S and I spent months showing our support for Senator McCain and Sarah Palin in 2008.
Papa C woke me up extra early the morning of the election to make sure I had plenty of time to go vote. Go ahead, make fun. I was only 23 years old, finishing my last semester of college, and only 3 months in to my very first big girl job.
I made my way to the local Civic Center where voting takes place and got in line with some rather questionable people, some of which I don’t believe should have the right to vote. After a few short minutes (lets not kid ourselves, in a town of 2,000 people you pretty much just walk in and immediately get to vote) I was at the front of the Republican line waiting on the lady behind the table to find my name on the Republican list. (Obviously, our town is so small I didn’t have to tell her my name she knew the second I walked in the door)
This woman is searching and finally tells me I am not registered to vote here. Naturally, I give her a signature G look and roll my eyes. Of course, I’m registered here, I’ve voted here the whole 2 other times I was old enough to vote. Then it hit me…
I am a registered Democrat, F my life. How could I possibly let the fact that I registered as a Democrat, you may ask, slip my mind. Well, at the stupid age of 19 a family friend of ours was running in an election as a Democrat and my family was helping her campaign.
In order for me to vote for this lady in the primary election I had to be registered as a Democrat. Stupidly, I allowed this woman to register me. I voted for her, she lost, I voted Republican for everything else and for the Republican who ran against her in the major election. However, voting Republican does not change your registration to Republican.
Upon this realization, I WALK OF SHAMED over to the loser Democrat table and sure enough, there my name was. I grabbed my ballot as quickly as possible and got the hell away from those Democrats. 
Immediately I called Mama and Papa C and shared my humiliation with them. Papa C informed S and I became known as the black sheep Democrat of the family until the day that my new voter’s card arrived in the mail stating that I was officially a Republican. 


  1. "I grabbed my ballot as quickly as possible and got the hell away from those Democrats." made me laugh and laugh. :) We all make mistakes. Unfortunately, sometimes, innocent people suffer along with those who made the mistake for four more years.

  2. I died laughing at this post!! Go change your registration, lady!

  3. In Virginia they don't make you declare what party you're associated with so you can vote in both primaries. (which I do all the time) I'm personally glad we've got four more :) Can't wait for the 2016 election though!

    1. I know I am ready for 2016, how crazy does that sound? 2016 has always seemed so far into the future!