Thursday, September 27, 2012

The bigger the bow the closer to Heaven...

I LOVE bows.  I never jumped on the train and sported one myself like some of my sorority sisters, but I do believe when it comes to children, no bow no go.  Every little girl should have a bow to go along with her outfit.  While I have no children myself (thank the good Lord), I have plenty of lil Divas in my life I love to dress up and spoil.  Mama C and I are always searching for bows for my cousins, god neice and random children we find to dress up.  The bigger the better. 

Finally I decided since I have enough ribbon and craft supplies for an army I might as well try making some myself. Surprisingly I actually loved how they turned out!
OSU Cowboys Bow
Light pink and white bow.

This one kinda looks like a bow for a present.

Another OSU or Halloween bow.

I'm no pro, but these were fun and super easy to make.  Maybe I will have to do a tutorial on them.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Real Talk.

I have done a political post before and while I didn't receive any hate comments I did lose some followers.  Shit happens.  If you know me you know I am a raging conservative.  Do I have friends that are democrats? Sure frienemies. KIDDING. When I post something/talk about politics it's just me talking out my ass about what I think and have heard, it isn't to sway anyone any certain way.  I am smart enough to know doing a blog post or updating your status stating Mitt is the Tits isn't going to get him any more votes than before. 

 One of my favorite bloggers did a political post and it was hilarious, it wasn't bashing anyone, she wrote it just to be funny and even stated that from jump.  I was reading through the comments and she received several just rude, offensive comments where people got all butt hurt somehow about food stamps and such well my thoughts are if you aren't abusing the system then good for you, no need to get so defensive.

Well this got me thinking of course. The subject of food stamps and government handouts.  Food stamps tend to have a bad wrap.  Yes I understand there are people who abuse the system and there are people who truly need them and use them just until they can get back on their feet. 

 I found this on Epic Fail and it shows the exact example of why food stamps get a bad name. 

WOW.  I have no words. Well none I should be sharing right now.


Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Letters.

Dear Friday:  Love that you are here and thankfully you seemed to come quickly this week.  Dear Life: Could just be my bad mood but are you serious right now?  I know I have a good life and others have it waayyy worse but really?  I just knew I would be somewhere else at this point in my life, better job, better town, ect. YOU SUCK today. Dear Target:  Thank you for letting me find some good deals yesterday, I love my new leopard print shoes.  Dear Carnival Food Stand:  Why are you giving people food poisioning?  The ONLY reason I was going to visit the carnival was for a freaking corndog, but not now.  Dear Body:  Quit being such a fatty and get to the gym.  Dear Readers:  Thank you for sticking around even when I'm boring and Negative Nancy.  Dear Aub:  Happy 18th Birthday Baby cousin!! Thanks for making me feel so old today. I love you!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

What I know now.

Just some random things I have learned about the blogging world in my short time here....
When it comes to discussing followers people lie.  Oh I don't care about followers I just write because I love to write. Umm yeah right!  If you have a blog you want followers.

Sponsors, people are always wanting these sponsors. Come quick for an exclusive deal I will post your name on my page for $10000000. It's really an opportunity you don't want to miss, I mean what will followers think of you if you aren't on my sidebar with 500 other people?  Do you really wanna be THAT blogger?  Sorry Im not cool enough to have sponsors yet.
People LOVE to post what they wear everyday, and about how much they pay for things.  I got this top for a steal of a measley $600, run out and scoop yours up right away.  Umm that would not be a "steal".  That would be stupid.

People who read blogs don't like to read.  GUILTY.  If you write a novel and there are no pictures I'm probs not interested.
Someone is always giving something away and all you have to do to enter is enter your email and every social media username you have 75 times, then follow 40 new people, tweet about the giveaway everyday for a year and wait for it to be announced if you won that designer keychain or not.

All the really popular bloggers have super exciting lives and when you read them you want to be their bestfriend. kinda.

People with alot of followers dress really well or spend a lot of money on clothes.

If you post about politics you will lose some followers.

And  I enjoy every minute of it.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Fail.

Isn't this the cutest coffee maker you have ever seen?
Sadly I haven't gotten to use it yet.  I bought it for my office.  I was all excited, I had my little K cups ready.  I set up the machine, really just took it out of the box and plugged it in, only to realize I didn't bring a coffee cup.  FAIL.  I only had my 24 oz Tervis and it does not fit under there.  Maybe tomorrow?


Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm sorry that people are so jealous of me... but I can't help it that I'm so popular.

Shannen Doherty and the other ones in Heathers
I have noticed through Twitter and reading blogs today, bullying is a subject many feel strongly about.  I didn't watch the X Factor, but I did watch the clip of the girl who was bullied for years then went on the show lastnight.  From what I gathered she was bullied about her singing, not sure what else, but girl was good.  Pretty much her bullys were jealous of her talents and took it out on her.

(Locker Chandelier, apparently all th rage now)

Last night I was also told that my aunt's foster child, a 10 year old girl, is being bullied at school.  You know why?  Because her locker didn't have decorations in it like the other girls.  SERIOUSLY?! That is so RIDICULOUS!   Apparently because she didn't have her locker decorated this meant she was poor and gave them the right to riducle her.  Kids are cruel.  A sweet little girl who has already been through so much and i'm sure worries about plenty already has to now worry about some little trolls at school picking on her about her locker and lord knows what else!  My aunt was headed to shop for locker decorations at 9:30 lastnight. 
Mean Girls
Hearing things like this infuriate me.  Who do these trolls think they are? Regina George?  I know everyone at some point is probably bullied about something whether it be because you don't have something like everyone else or because you have something more.  I know I was bullied many times for the dumbest things, like wearing nice clothes, being voted homecoming queen or driving a nice car.  Stupid I know but yes this is true. 

I wasn't one to really let things like this bother me to the extreme so it turned out fine, but not everyone has the great support system I have always had.  Some kids don't have anyone to look to for reassurance and are going through terrible things outside of being bullied.  It breaks my heart.

I have even been on the other side and been the bully as well.  I know sad. When I was really little I bullied a neighbor girl.  All the poor girl wanted to do was play on my playground in my backyard and I would make her jump through hoops and do whatever I wanted in order to just be able to use my swing.  If I knew me then I would have beat my ass.  I bullied her because I knew she wouldn't argue with me and I finally had someone to boss around.  I'm not proud.

In honor of Throwback Thursday....
G and I as young tots.
(Hard to tell but G has major 80s bangs in this pic)

(Me sleeping on curlers, Mama C didn't take us anywhere without our hair fixed.)


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

In memory of those we have loved and lost...

Where was I when the world stopping turning?  I was in Jr. High.  It was during my pre-medicated days so my anxiety was raging out of control.  I didn't totally understand at first why planes crashing into buildings would cancel the football game that night, but those around me just frightened me by saying this was very serious and if I saw a plane I should be scared, why would you say that to someone?
  I felt sick to my stomach and hardly slept or ate for the next two weeks.  I couldn't hardly watch tv because I feared I would see something that would set my anxiety off again.  I lived in fear and I didn't even live close to NYC, I can't imagine what so many went through that day.  Mama and Papa C were always trying to calm me. For years I feared another attack and was always cautious of mail sent from unknown sources, Papa C would just say "No it's not Anthrax it's just the Democrats."

An event that was meant to tear us apart only brought us all together.  I will forever remember that day and be proud of my country for standing strong together.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Readers: I don't know what keeps you around.  I have been a terrible blogger.  Although I did lose a reader, but thats fine I don't like odd numbers anyway. Love you all.  Dear very successful high paying job:  Where the hell are you?  Thank goodness for my Roomies (mom & dad) I wouldn't be able to afford to live without them.  Dear gas prices: Who do you think you are?  Getting a little proud I see.  Dear  Other Half: Happy Birthday!!! I love you! You are my bestest friend.  We are getting old betch, can't wait to see you tonight and maybe stay up until midnight if we are feeling crazy.  Dear soulmate: Hurry up. This having a job is getting real old.  Dear Tanning Salon Lady Worker: Please don't ask me to buy anything else for your "super cheap" not so much of a discount.  It gets me everytime and I DONT need anymore lotion, bronzing extenders and special lipgloss. Except the goggles I'm not buying into that.

Happy Friday! -S

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Election Season

This girl is ready for fall, dont get me wrong I enjoy the warm weather while it is here, but I wouldn't mind starting the Fall weather tomorrow.
Fall means football, my birthday, Thanksgiving and Election time. Some of my favorites!

Pinned Image 
Most people hate the Elections, I kinda really enjoy them.  I am also not one to get all butt hurt when someone doesn't have the same opinion as me.  One of the things I love most about this great country is we have the freedom to have our own opinions so I get kinda annoyed when people are always gripping about others stating their opinions especially their political opinion.  Why not?  I will say I am a raging conservative.  Do I think it would be a better world if we all were? Well of course ;) but I know it isn't that way and I live.  Do I criticize others for favoring that other party? Not always. I sometimes even like them.  I dated a Democrat once. It didn't work out.
future frat bro.
I was scrolling through Twitter and came across a tweet about if you are a woman and you are a Republican than you are stupid because Romney hates women.  Say wahhh?  He hates his wife and mom?  I doubt that.  Well I will just say I just laughed because I actually try to be educated on subjects before I open my mouth.

Do I feel everything bad in life is Obama's fault? Of course.  Does that make me stupid? Negative. 

: )
So basically if you think Republicans are stupid you probably should go ahead and unfollow me now. :)


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cotton Whore.

This Wednesday I am loving my favorite new Tee's.  Being the Cotton Whore that I am, I am always buying new t-shirts.  If I could wear Norts and a Tee everyday I would, but I don't get to wear them to work and Mama C won't let me wear them to church.

These are some super cute monogrammed shirts I ordered for G and I.  I ordered them from the Southern Prep Co. Etsy store.  They have some of the cutest stuff.

I like to leave my political affiliation to other's imagination.  JK.  We all know I was raised right, the Republican way.  I ordered this adorable shirt from a store I found on Facebook.

The Frat Collection generously gave me a HUGE discount on some shirts and they did not disappoint.  I love these shirts! They are so comfy.  I ordered mine in Mediums, I like mine to fit a little bigger and they were perfect.  I ordered  a Short sleeve and a long sleeve.
The Laura
The short Sleeve I ordered in white with the Laura pocket.

The long sleeve I ordered in wine country with the Cameron pocket.

They have soo many options it was hard to choose.  A portion of the proceeds are donated to your choice of philanthrophy.  Since I am a Phi Mu I of course chose Children's Miracle network, but you can choose any one that you want.

And not a T-shirt but I am also loving....
THIS CHILD!  I am so glad she is with us for however long it may be, but hopefully forever.

Link-up for what you are loving this Wednesday!