Thursday, September 6, 2012

Election Season

This girl is ready for fall, dont get me wrong I enjoy the warm weather while it is here, but I wouldn't mind starting the Fall weather tomorrow.
Fall means football, my birthday, Thanksgiving and Election time. Some of my favorites!

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Most people hate the Elections, I kinda really enjoy them.  I am also not one to get all butt hurt when someone doesn't have the same opinion as me.  One of the things I love most about this great country is we have the freedom to have our own opinions so I get kinda annoyed when people are always gripping about others stating their opinions especially their political opinion.  Why not?  I will say I am a raging conservative.  Do I think it would be a better world if we all were? Well of course ;) but I know it isn't that way and I live.  Do I criticize others for favoring that other party? Not always. I sometimes even like them.  I dated a Democrat once. It didn't work out.
future frat bro.
I was scrolling through Twitter and came across a tweet about if you are a woman and you are a Republican than you are stupid because Romney hates women.  Say wahhh?  He hates his wife and mom?  I doubt that.  Well I will just say I just laughed because I actually try to be educated on subjects before I open my mouth.

Do I feel everything bad in life is Obama's fault? Of course.  Does that make me stupid? Negative. 

: )
So basically if you think Republicans are stupid you probably should go ahead and unfollow me now. :)


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  1. Fellow conservative here (although lately I am battling whether I am really a Republican, or else I am a libertarian?) But I also love elections, and never get my feelings hurt, I love all of the opinions and differences, I definitely think that is what makes america great!

    Only thing I don't tolerate is president bashing...he may not have been your first choice, but you gotta respect the leader of our country. Its OK to disagree with actions or policies, but actual