Tuesday, September 11, 2012

In memory of those we have loved and lost...

Where was I when the world stopping turning?  I was in Jr. High.  It was during my pre-medicated days so my anxiety was raging out of control.  I didn't totally understand at first why planes crashing into buildings would cancel the football game that night, but those around me just frightened me by saying this was very serious and if I saw a plane I should be scared, why would you say that to someone?
  I felt sick to my stomach and hardly slept or ate for the next two weeks.  I couldn't hardly watch tv because I feared I would see something that would set my anxiety off again.  I lived in fear and I didn't even live close to NYC, I can't imagine what so many went through that day.  Mama and Papa C were always trying to calm me. For years I feared another attack and was always cautious of mail sent from unknown sources, Papa C would just say "No it's not Anthrax it's just the Democrats."

An event that was meant to tear us apart only brought us all together.  I will forever remember that day and be proud of my country for standing strong together.

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