Thursday, May 21, 2015

Dirty Rush

I finally got around to reading my copy of Dirty Rush and I am so glad I did.  I enjoyed Dirty Rush because it gave a true insight to Greek life.
Greek life is something I really feel you can't truly understand unless you have experienced it yourself, but Dirty Rush did a good job of providing realistic scenarios of what goes on in sororities.

Taylor Bell comes from a long line of Beta Zeta sorority sisters, who all expect her to pledge upon starting at the university. But Taylor has other plans: she’s determined to give her family the proverbial middle finger and destroy the rich tradition they hold so dear by eschewing sorority life altogether. However, Taylor’s resolve soon melts when she falls in with a group of hilarious, ultra-saucy girls, who introduce her to all things Greek and soften her to the idea of joining. Resigned to the fate the Greek gods have dealt her, Taylor pledges Beta Zeta and embarks on a collegiate career filled with the kind of carousing sure to make any sorority sister proud.

One of my favorite parts of the books was the foreword from Rebecca Martinson, the former Delta Gamma sister responsible for the greatest email to her chapter.  Girl knows how to get things done and I must say there were a few times I wanted to send my own chapter the same email and if you were Greek you probably did too.  
And if you are thinking not me, well then the email was probably wrote for you dear. 

Dirty Rush is a good read for anyone and with school out for Summer pick it up as your next poolside read, you won't regret it!
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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Campus Book Rentals

I always thought by the time I was in college I would know what I wanted to be when I "grew up".
College came and I thought I had it figured out then I changed my mind... a few times.

Now I have graduated college and I still have no idea what I want to be when I "grow up" or at least finally decide I am actually an adult.

So now I am thinking about taking the GRE and going back to school to get my masters.

Going back to school will include textbooks again, in comes Campus Book Rentals.

I always hated going to get textbooks at the start of each semester because I hated the thought of spending so much money on books, with Campus Book Rentals you can actually rent your text books instead and save up 80%.

It also helps they offer free shipping both ways because we all know I am a sucker for free shipping.
And the best part is they donate to Operation Smile with each textbook rented, so you get your books cheaper and a good cause get supported.

If you are going back to school soon and will be buying books go check out Campus Book Rentals.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Yesterday I discovered unboxing.

I had heard of it before but hadn't really paid attention, until yesterday I came across an unboxing video and learned that someone actually makes money doing this. A LOT of money.  Like 5 million dollars.

An anonymous lady with the youtube channel DisneyCollectorBR makes videos opening children's toys and is one of the top most viewed. Lady is a genius.

Yep. That is about all there is to it, oh and she plays with them for a little bit too.

Umm...where did I go wrong in life?

I will let someone pay me to open boxes of toys. I will even show my face if they want.

This is real life y'all. Go check it out.
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Monday, February 16, 2015

Ridin' Solo

Valentine's Day or as some like to call it Single's Awareness day was Saturday.  Most who are single like to use this day to throw a pity party.  Being single in your twenties can seem like the worst thing at times and leave people wondering why me?  I for one though am well aware why I am single.
Wanna know why?

I choose to be.

Sure at times it would be nice to be in a relationship but I kinda enjoy only answering to myself.

I'm not saying I want to be single forever or anything but I also don't think being single is the worst thing ever.  I actually feel sorry for those who don't know how to be alone. You know the ones who bounce from relationship to relationship.

 A few reasons why I'm in no rush to make someone my significant other.

Going on dates is awkward.

They might wanna do things like go out on the weekends and lets be honest I would rather spend the night binge watching Netflix in my PJs.

I'm kinda OCD. I can hardly handle the messes I make let alone someone else's.

I have an addiction to spray tanning and guys just don't get it.

Relationships are work and well I'm kinda lazy.

I would rather not have to share my food with anyone.

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day and weekend!

Maybe I will get back into this blogging thing soon.

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Fun Nugget is One

Remember that time I blogged more than once a month?
Yeah me either.
One day I was saying to myself, self it's a new year and you are going to start blogging again and then next thing I know its almost February and I have only blogged like once.

This past weekend we celebrated my nieces first birthday. I still can't believe the little fun nugget is one now! Mama C and I decided to get crafty and we did everything for her party ourselves. It was a lot of work but she had a great party and it was all worth it.

I made the glitter One, gold cupcake tray, cupcake toppers and burlap name banner (not pictured)
Mama C made the best cupcakes!

My sister painted the highchair gold, I made the onesie and Mama C made the smash cake.

She loved her new wagon and tutu Mama C made her.
The birthday girl and I.

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Monday, January 5, 2015

Design for your blog

I don't know about you but I enjoy reading a post more if it includes pictures or graphics.  I know one thing I struggled with when I first started blogging and still do is with the graphic design.  This probably should have come easy for me since I took a few design classes in college but taking the time and knowing what programs to use is the difficult part.

I always wonder what programs people use when I see their blog graphics.

I know most people use Photoshop as their go to.  Photoshop is great but it is also pricey and not something everyone is looking to invest in or like me purchased it for a PC and soon after switched to a Mac and it is not compatible. (I don't even wanna talk about it.) 
Anyway here are my top favorite graphic design programs to use when making graphics for my blog posts in no certain order, and the best part they are all FREE for the most part.

Pixlr: I think Pixlr is pretty similar to Photoshop only it's free. 

PicMonkey:  Easy to use and majority of it is free unless you want to upgrade for a low cost.
Canva:  Easy to use, lots of options and is mainly free but there is options to purchase additional options.

Powerpoint:  Easy to use and most people have powerpoint on their computers if they purchased it.

What are your go to programs for graphic design?
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Friday, January 2, 2015

Where does the time go?

Seriously how has another year flown by?
When I first started typing this post I was thinking of 2014 in a negative way, I went through a lot in 2014 but then I had to take a step back and understand that everything that happened may not have seemed great at the time but it was all a blessing in disguise and at the end of the day I am still incredibly blessed.  With the not so great things there were still many good things happen as well.
2014 wasn't in my top favs so I wasn't too sad to see it go but it's hard to believe its already over.
Here's to hoping 2015 has some great things in store!

A little 2014 recap:
I became an aunt to the cutest little nugget.
A relationship ended.
I tried life without anxiety meds for a few months.
I moved back home.
I got baptized.
I started my own business.
I made some great new friends.
My big got married and had the best wedding ever.
I took a road trip with my family.
I lost 20 lbs.
I blogged probably less than ever. (hopefully that will change.)

Come on 2015 I'm ready for you!

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