Friday, May 25, 2012

To My Younger Self

S. and I were reading about the book What I Know Now: Letters to My Younger Self by Ellyn Spragins and loved the idea of looking back on what has happened in our lives and what we would tell ourselves if we could go back to those times.  S is in pink. G is in purple.

  • If you don't have my number between the hours of 10am and 10 pm I don’t have yours between the hours of 10 pm and 10 am.
  • Who cares if you don’t call me at all? Guys are everywhere.  No matter who it is, there is always someone who is better looking, has more money, friendlier, or any other trait you can imagine just around the corner. You will regret passing the worthy guys up way more than giving up on the guy who gives you a chase.
  • Anything that goes down after 2 a.m. is no good, when alcohol is involved.
  • Some of the best times I’ve ever had have occurred after 2 a.m. but better things could have happened with the same people if they had occurred 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. sans alcohol.
  • Enjoy every moment in college it will be over before you know it. 
  • Don’t give up a normal college life for a guy.  At twenty-two you may think you already know what and who you want in life but you have no idea who YOU are yet much less what you want.  Make friends, make mistakes, and never be unhappy; Regret is the worst feeling in the world and you can never go back.
  • You can't ever go back and expect things to be the same, it just doesn't work that way.
  • Sometimes you just have to walk away.  Relationships, romantic and friendly, end for a reason.  Getting back together or trying to salvage a friendship when damage has been done makes the inevitable so much harder.  If it was bad before it will be worse now.
  • Always remember certain people aren't in your life anymore for a reason. 
  • It’s ok to miss who someone used to be or to miss certain moments and its ok to let it break your heart a little bit.  But you aren’t the same person and neither are they.  Sometimes no one is at fault.
  • Never float the river in a canoe you will regret it, if you survive. 
  • Float the river in a canoe so you can have something to regret. Step out of your comfort zone and do things you swore you never would.  Never swear you won’t do anything, ever.
  • Go to every date party no matter how lame you think the theme is. 
  • Keep your best friends close. Looking back you will see how hard they tried to stay in your life and how badly you let someone else push them out.
  • It is okay to stay in on weekends.
  • Its ok to go out.  Not just on the weekends but any day.  Someone else’s happiness should not depend on you living in a bubble. 
  • Never be afraid to stand up for yourself. People can be betches.
  • There is nothing wrong with going home when you need your family. Parents are usually right and siblings are the best friends you could ever have. It’s a blessing and a shame that we can’t learn from each other’s mistakes before we make our own.
  • Just because you have been Olive Oil skinny all your life doesn't mean you won't start to gain weight in your twenties if you don't watch it.
  • Happiness is a choice that no one else can make for you and not being in a relationship can be the most fulfilling thing. Learning to be happy by yourself is the most important lesson you can learn.
I'm sure S. has many more things she wishes she could say to her younger self; I know I do!  What would you tell your younger self?


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dressing Room Adventures

This week has been very eventful!  I was invited to the Go Red for Women luncheon and silent auction this year.  So, naturally, I needed a red dress.  I had my eye on the same red dress for a couple of months now but just wasn’t sold on it. I was not in a shopping mood so S., Mama C. and I went to the only Marshalls I am willing to step foot in and found my red dress:

The most entertaining part of this experience came when I was in the dressing room.  First of all, when I walked in there was a larger girl parked in front of the 3 way mirror with a SUPER tight, SUPER short, one shoulder (long-sleeve) dress on with a large floppy hat, P.O.S.I.N.G.!  I had to stifle my laughter.  This girl was proud of herself.  I tried to snap a pic but it would have been obvious and even though I am not afraid of anyone…ever, this girl looked a little rough and I was not in the mood for a confrontation.

That was just the beginning.  As I’m trying on my dress, I hear the lady next to me say, “damn, look at that booty.”  I was a little concerned and started looking around.  Then I hear her say, “Mmmhmmm...yeah buddy.”  Ooookayyy, girl, listen…you sound like a crazy person.  Clearly, I immediately made notes in my phone so I would remember to blog about it.  While doing this Mama C. comes in and wants to know why I am laughing, so I show her my notes.  This woman starts to READ THEM OUT LOUD, with Shaniqua still in the dressing room next to us. All I could do was shush her.  Listen, lady, read silently!

We went to check out and who do we see, you may ask?  Shaniqua, or who I can only assume is the same lady, in her cut off shorts and football jersey tied up to show her belly.  I hate the word belly but that’s what she had. Unfortunately her football jersey was my favorite team so it made me cringe. Besides, it’s not even football season!  I'm pretty sure this is how she THOUGHT she looked:
Just so you know, she did not!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday.

Linking up for What I'm Loving Wednesday....
To be honest there isn't a lot that I'm not always loving so I will just choose a few. :)

L'OREAL Nail Polish. I love this brand of polish and even better it is inexpensive! $4.97 I believe.

This book, Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster.  I love her books, they are hilarious!

JB <3
That the Beibs is coming to my state!!! Ohh yes.

i want to be able to do this
Braids for Summer. 

give me
This swimsuit.

That the rodeo is this weekend.

NO WORK MONDAY!!! Woo hoo for long weekends!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ryan is not my favorite

Just to be clear, S. is wrong; my favorite guy from the bachelorette is not Ryan.  My favoriteS are Arie and Kalon HOWEVER I feel that she will pick Ryan because he seems to be her type.

To correct S. again, I do NOT watch The Bachelor/Bachelorette religiously.  I USED to watch religiously and now I only watch the seasons that don’t bore me to death religiously. 

S. and I literally made a list of which guys were absolute ‘no’s, totally hot but not her type, and definitely her type and will make it in the final 3.  I am well aware what the word ‘literally’ means so I can assure you, I do not overuse it and I absolutely mean LITERALLY.   

Emily got screwed.  The prettiest bachelorette ever to be on the show, by far, gets jipped.  Not only are there very few attractive men in that bunch but she gets stuck with that ridiculous DJ and Two-Thumbs Tony with his glass slipper. If I were her, I would have walked away after the first 10 guys got out of the car. Thanks for playin’ boys but I’m just not feelin’ it. I'm most excited to see who Emily tells to get the F*** out.

S. and I have an Aunt BJ who we used to spend our entire summers and all school breaks with.  When The Bachelor was still an entertaining show she and I used to watch at our respective homes and Facebook our thoughts and opinions throughout the show.  Since I rarely watch television now and The Bachelor totally sucks, we don’t do that anymore.  We always try the first few episodes but in the last 2 years we’ve basically given up.  Anyway, back to my point:  as I am forcing B.H. and S. to get sucked into The Bachelorette Aunt BJ texts me and the following conversation takes place:

So, that settles it, I am going to be a flight attendant.

By the way, Congratulations to B.H. on his High School graduation.  I'm so proud of my precious little brother.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Picky much? Nahh.

Anyone else super upset to hear that GCB is being CANCELLED?!  This girl is not so happy. Then I hear that Gossip Girl is also being CANCELLED!!! Whhaaa??  Not cool.  I just don't understand how some of the dumbest shows are on air for years, but the really good shows get cancelled after such a short time. Such a sad day.

Moving on to the Bachelorette.  I do not usually watch the Bachelorette.  The Bachelor/Bachelorette usually get on my nerves and I find the show rather boring. 

 Well G watches religiously, so lastnight was the first episode of the new Bachelorette and I decided I might as well watch since the first and the last episodes of these shows are usually the most entertaining to me.  Well I managed to get sucked in and will probably continue watching this season.  I will say though I kinda felt Emily,the Bachelorette, got jipped when it came to the guys.  Yeah I had a top 3, but the rest well no, just no.  Emily is gorgeous, but it was slim pickings when it came to the guys.  There were quite a few that were just so dorky, I felt embarassed for them just watching. wonder I don't have a boyfriend.
Umm Jef, with one f, I just don't think I can trust a Jef with one f,  the 80s called yeah they want their hair and white wash denim jacket back and btw I don't think I know of a girl that finds being dragged on your skate board by a limo for your grand entrance attractive. 

Tony. Well at first I thought okay maybe, he has a kid, she has a kid...UNTIL he started talking. He said who has two tumbs and is going to marry Emily? This guy. I wanted you gone right then. 

Stephen. GAAHHHH. STOP, Just STOP.

Those were just my most annoying 3. 

Now for my favorites :)

Kalon McMahon.  He seemed more into himself so of course this intrigued me, plus I liked his style and whats not to love about making your entrance in a chopper.

Arie. I just liked him a lot, okay.

Charlie. He just seemed to fit her and he was sweet without making me gag.

Ryan. Great Bod. G's Favorite.


It shall be interesting to see how this season turns out.  I hope good for her sake.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Motivation Monday

It's Monday and well I need all the motivation I can get for just about everything today. Here are some things I found via pinterest that are motivating for me....
Getting Bikini Ready, I am nowhere near ready! I guess there is an upside to our pool still looking like a pond.
lauren conrad glamour magazine
Quit missing everything in the past and get excited for the future.
I should work on being kinder, not that I'm not I just always have room for improvement.
True things
Start crafting favorite hobby.
Eat better.
uhh I don't think I will ever be in great shape again.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

I've made a mess...

Excuse the current blog design, I have made of mess of it.  When I am over being annoyed with it I will try  to get it worked out.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Been MIA....

S's Friday Confessionals....

I haven't been blogging lately because I haven't thought of anything to blog about, thank goodness for link-ups!
I put waayy too much creamer in my coffee this morning on accident, but I don't hate it. I think it actually taste better than usual. Healthier? no, but it's Friday whatevs.

I feel super old. B.H. is graduating high school tomorrow!

I am a gossip girl addict, but since I started working and go to bed so early I haven't watched this season at all. gasp. I know, I feel ashamed to admit this.  I feel like there is a huge void in my life without Chuck and Blair and I cringe and secretly don't mind that I have missed it when I hear what has been going down this season with Blair and Dan. Ugh. No, just no.

As much as I LOVE having a pay check, I will miss my care free sleep all day stay up all night unemployed Summer break.

I'm hesitant to buy the third Fifty Shades book because I'm not ready for it to be over yet.

I am OBSESSED with the Harvard baseball Call Me Maybe video. What's not to love? Adorable baseball players, from Harvard at that, jamming out to one of my favorite songs.  I can't get enough of it I have watched it like 10 times just since last night.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Get in the DEFENSIVE position

Congratulations to B.H., he received his State FFA degree last night!  If you’ve never been to a State FFA convention, it’s a whole world of its own and you should check it out.  S. also has her state degree; I, on the other hand, barely know what FFA stands for.

They announce the recipients by chapter alphabetically.  When they announced the Eufala chapter, S. was completely thrown off.  She looked at me and said, “Wait…I thought Eufala started with a ‘U’?”  There are no words.

After the ceremony Mama C., Papa C., S, and I went to dinner downtown.  The restaurant was a short walk from the convention center but you would have thought Mama C., was trekking through the ghetto for miles.  She had her designer handbag secured to her body in, what she informed S was, the “defensive” position. A homeless man asked me for spare change and her immediate response when we were a few steps away included something along the lines of, “G, did you bring your gun?”  Yes, mother, I carry it around in my pocket for your peace of mind. 
 Where we were!
 Where Mama C. thought we were!

Let me explain, Mama C. and Papa C used to visit Vegas so regularly that they probably could have been considered part-time residents.  BUT over the last 5 years, Mama C. and Papa C, have stuck pretty close to home.  By close to home, I mean Mama C. RARELY (until recently), leaves the house.  She’s too busy with her million business ventures!  So, its not as if Mama has never walked actual dangerous streets before, it’s just been a while so anytime another human being who is not a member of our immediate family approaches us on the streets she immediately takes up the “defensive” position with her handbag and with her children. 

Papa C. says this is why she’s not allowed to carry a gun.  Someone could approach her asking how she is doing, next thing you know, she’ll have a gun in their face questioning their motives.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I will never be 20 again, which is devastating.

It seems like forever since we have posted.  Wish we had a super cool story about why we have been MIA, but sorryboutme I don't.  To be honest I haven't had anything to blog about, or just too lazy.  The most exciting part of my day other than eating of course has been reading the Fifty Shades trilogy. I'm obsessed.  Like most I haven't even had finals, is it sad I actually miss finals too?  Lately I have just been missing college so much even more than I usually do, maybe it is seeing the rest of my pledge class and friends graduating that makes it sink in that college is really over. I am just one of those that is have a tough time adjusting to post grad life.

I miss the date parties. 

I miss Thursday nights.  
I miss living in the Mu.  
  I miss concerts at the Tumbleweed.
I miss house parties.  
I miss HOCO and even pomping.
I miss updating the burn book with my besties.

PC Bar Crawls.
Whoever said high school is the best years of your life never went to college, or a good one anyway.