Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dressing Room Adventures

This week has been very eventful!  I was invited to the Go Red for Women luncheon and silent auction this year.  So, naturally, I needed a red dress.  I had my eye on the same red dress for a couple of months now but just wasn’t sold on it. I was not in a shopping mood so S., Mama C. and I went to the only Marshalls I am willing to step foot in and found my red dress:

The most entertaining part of this experience came when I was in the dressing room.  First of all, when I walked in there was a larger girl parked in front of the 3 way mirror with a SUPER tight, SUPER short, one shoulder (long-sleeve) dress on with a large floppy hat, P.O.S.I.N.G.!  I had to stifle my laughter.  This girl was proud of herself.  I tried to snap a pic but it would have been obvious and even though I am not afraid of anyone…ever, this girl looked a little rough and I was not in the mood for a confrontation.

That was just the beginning.  As I’m trying on my dress, I hear the lady next to me say, “damn, look at that booty.”  I was a little concerned and started looking around.  Then I hear her say, “Mmmhmmm...yeah buddy.”  Ooookayyy, girl, listen…you sound like a crazy person.  Clearly, I immediately made notes in my phone so I would remember to blog about it.  While doing this Mama C. comes in and wants to know why I am laughing, so I show her my notes.  This woman starts to READ THEM OUT LOUD, with Shaniqua still in the dressing room next to us. All I could do was shush her.  Listen, lady, read silently!

We went to check out and who do we see, you may ask?  Shaniqua, or who I can only assume is the same lady, in her cut off shorts and football jersey tied up to show her belly.  I hate the word belly but that’s what she had. Unfortunately her football jersey was my favorite team so it made me cringe. Besides, it’s not even football season!  I'm pretty sure this is how she THOUGHT she looked:
Just so you know, she did not!


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