Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ryan is not my favorite

Just to be clear, S. is wrong; my favorite guy from the bachelorette is not Ryan.  My favoriteS are Arie and Kalon HOWEVER I feel that she will pick Ryan because he seems to be her type.

To correct S. again, I do NOT watch The Bachelor/Bachelorette religiously.  I USED to watch religiously and now I only watch the seasons that don’t bore me to death religiously. 

S. and I literally made a list of which guys were absolute ‘no’s, totally hot but not her type, and definitely her type and will make it in the final 3.  I am well aware what the word ‘literally’ means so I can assure you, I do not overuse it and I absolutely mean LITERALLY.   

Emily got screwed.  The prettiest bachelorette ever to be on the show, by far, gets jipped.  Not only are there very few attractive men in that bunch but she gets stuck with that ridiculous DJ and Two-Thumbs Tony with his glass slipper. If I were her, I would have walked away after the first 10 guys got out of the car. Thanks for playin’ boys but I’m just not feelin’ it. I'm most excited to see who Emily tells to get the F*** out.

S. and I have an Aunt BJ who we used to spend our entire summers and all school breaks with.  When The Bachelor was still an entertaining show she and I used to watch at our respective homes and Facebook our thoughts and opinions throughout the show.  Since I rarely watch television now and The Bachelor totally sucks, we don’t do that anymore.  We always try the first few episodes but in the last 2 years we’ve basically given up.  Anyway, back to my point:  as I am forcing B.H. and S. to get sucked into The Bachelorette Aunt BJ texts me and the following conversation takes place:

So, that settles it, I am going to be a flight attendant.

By the way, Congratulations to B.H. on his High School graduation.  I'm so proud of my precious little brother.



  1. so i don't watch the show but i wanted to comment on how adorable your blue dress is! you look so cute! love the ruffles!


  2. Hy beautiful! your blog is so sweet! I was wondering, would you like to follow each other? :X