Thursday, May 3, 2012

Get in the DEFENSIVE position

Congratulations to B.H., he received his State FFA degree last night!  If you’ve never been to a State FFA convention, it’s a whole world of its own and you should check it out.  S. also has her state degree; I, on the other hand, barely know what FFA stands for.

They announce the recipients by chapter alphabetically.  When they announced the Eufala chapter, S. was completely thrown off.  She looked at me and said, “Wait…I thought Eufala started with a ‘U’?”  There are no words.

After the ceremony Mama C., Papa C., S, and I went to dinner downtown.  The restaurant was a short walk from the convention center but you would have thought Mama C., was trekking through the ghetto for miles.  She had her designer handbag secured to her body in, what she informed S was, the “defensive” position. A homeless man asked me for spare change and her immediate response when we were a few steps away included something along the lines of, “G, did you bring your gun?”  Yes, mother, I carry it around in my pocket for your peace of mind. 
 Where we were!
 Where Mama C. thought we were!

Let me explain, Mama C. and Papa C used to visit Vegas so regularly that they probably could have been considered part-time residents.  BUT over the last 5 years, Mama C. and Papa C, have stuck pretty close to home.  By close to home, I mean Mama C. RARELY (until recently), leaves the house.  She’s too busy with her million business ventures!  So, its not as if Mama has never walked actual dangerous streets before, it’s just been a while so anytime another human being who is not a member of our immediate family approaches us on the streets she immediately takes up the “defensive” position with her handbag and with her children. 

Papa C. says this is why she’s not allowed to carry a gun.  Someone could approach her asking how she is doing, next thing you know, she’ll have a gun in their face questioning their motives.


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