Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Picky much? Nahh.

Anyone else super upset to hear that GCB is being CANCELLED?!  This girl is not so happy. Then I hear that Gossip Girl is also being CANCELLED!!! Whhaaa??  Not cool.  I just don't understand how some of the dumbest shows are on air for years, but the really good shows get cancelled after such a short time. Such a sad day.

Moving on to the Bachelorette.  I do not usually watch the Bachelorette.  The Bachelor/Bachelorette usually get on my nerves and I find the show rather boring. 

 Well G watches religiously, so lastnight was the first episode of the new Bachelorette and I decided I might as well watch since the first and the last episodes of these shows are usually the most entertaining to me.  Well I managed to get sucked in and will probably continue watching this season.  I will say though I kinda felt Emily,the Bachelorette, got jipped when it came to the guys.  Yeah I had a top 3, but the rest well no, just no.  Emily is gorgeous, but it was slim pickings when it came to the guys.  There were quite a few that were just so dorky, I felt embarassed for them just watching. Hmm...no wonder I don't have a boyfriend.
Umm Jef, with one f, I just don't think I can trust a Jef with one f,  the 80s called yeah they want their hair and white wash denim jacket back and btw I don't think I know of a girl that finds being dragged on your skate board by a limo for your grand entrance attractive. 

Tony. Well at first I thought okay maybe, he has a kid, she has a kid...UNTIL he started talking. He said who has two tumbs and is going to marry Emily? This guy.  umm..no. I wanted you gone right then. 

Stephen. GAAHHHH. STOP, Just STOP.

Those were just my most annoying 3. 

Now for my favorites :)

Kalon McMahon.  He seemed more into himself so of course this intrigued me, plus I liked his style and whats not to love about making your entrance in a chopper.

Arie. I just liked him a lot, okay.

Charlie. He just seemed to fit her and he was sweet without making me gag.

Ryan. Great Bod. G's Favorite.


It shall be interesting to see how this season turns out.  I hope good for her sake.


  1. I was not really bummed about GCB after the last episode... but GG... oh no!!! its one of my favs!

  2. WHAT GCB is cancelled!? I'm pissed. And I agree with you on the bachelorette! I like Charlie too :) I read in a magazine today that the guy who got the first impression rose has a record of abuse in his past relationships! crazy drama is about to happen haha!

  3. Wait, whaaaaaaat? GG & GCB? If they cancel revenge as well I've lost all faith in network television lol. New follower :) xx