Friday, November 28, 2014

Hangbag Survival Items

When browsing through Rue La La's premier Handbag Guide I got to thinking about my handbag survival items.

Most of the time I carry a larger handbag and seem to have anything and everything in there but lately I have been carrying a smaller crossbody handbag, it is easier when out shopping and running errands.

With a smaller handbag I have to keep the bare necessities, a smaller wallet, hand lotion, chapstick, lipstick, giftcards, notepad, sunglasses, travel size perfume, and a concert flyer?

What are your handbag survival items?

Go check out the Rue La La Handbag Guide to help decide which handbag is best for you.
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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

How to clean your makeup brushes

Something I don't do enough is clean my make up brushes.

Sharing today a super easy way to clean your brushes.

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Monday, November 24, 2014

You may think you are ahead of the game, but you could be wrong.

Last week I saw Sam's Club was going to be having a big sale that upcoming weekend and one of the items was the new iPhone 6 for only $99.  And I just happened to be in the market for a new iPhone 6.

Mama C who isn't usually up for waiting in line just to get a better deal was willing to go with me.

We had planned our Saturday we would wake up and get there early around 9 since Sam's opens at 10, get my new phone and have the rest of the day to do what we wanted. Great plan, except we figured out at about midnight that Sam's was opening early for the special sale. We would now need to get up at 4:30 in order to be ready and out the door since Sam's is about 45 mins away in order to get in line.

4:30  a.m. rolls around and we decide we will wait and pay full price since we weren't prepared ahead of time.

Later in the day we happen to be going by Sam's for some other things anyway and while we were there one of the girls working asks if we would like to upgrade our membership to the Plus membership.  I asked her if they would be getting anymore iPhones in since they were sold out and she assured me that if we upgraded they would be having a sale this past Saturday with the same iPhone deal for the plus members only.

Mama C upgraded and I planned ahead this time and made plans to wake up at 5:30 Saturday and be in line early.   Some of my friends were in town and we were celebrating my birthday and one of my best friend's birthday so I knew I would be up late but willing to make the sacrifice of sleep.  Friday I called just to verify that they would have them because the sale paper we got in the mail didn't show they would be available.  The lady on the phone assured me once again they would.

I met my sister at Sam's Saturday morning at 6 a.m. we got in line...

Sam's Girl:  "What deal are you girls after today?"
G:  "Were getting the Iphone 6's."
Sam's Girl: "Oh haha thats next weekend."
Me: "umm you're kidding me right?!" (death glare)
Sam's Girl: "uh I uh yeah we will have them next weekend you can come back then."

I had no words.  G and I went to the car and I called to speak with a manager who told me he was sorry they wouldn't have the special that day but I could come back Black Friday and try again.

Girl Bye.

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Interview

I decided last week to test out the interview world again and agreed to an interview Monday morning.
I wasn't very nervous because I was going in with the mindset of if it worked out great but if not no big deal it wasn't meant to be anyway.

Of course I woke up every hour that night thinking it was time to get up and finally 6 am rolled around and I decided right away that I was not feeling getting out of bed.
Don't get me wrong I enjoy being up and around and getting an early start to my day, but for that first 10-15 mins after my alarm going off I'm not pleasant.   Plus sleeping in always wins.

Starting off I somehow managed to rip down my blackout curtains in my room rod and all.

As I was putting on my pantyhose I ripped a hole in them.  No problem I happened to have another nude pair.  Ripped a hole in those too except this time it wasn't as bad so Mama C fixed them the best she could with some clear nail polish after scolding me for only buying one new pair.

I could only find one nude pump but thankfully Mama had a pair just like them for me to wear.

Then we noticed I had deodorant all over my dress and the hem of my dress had come undone but thankfully wasn't noticeable. (or the deodorant drew away from it.)

At this point I couldn't even remember if I had put conditioner in my hair.

We got out the door finally after almost forgetting my blazer and yes I said we because my mama was driving me because 1) the interview was downtown and I tend to panic driving downtown and didn't want to chance being late. 2) we were going shopping and running errands afterwards. 3) She was picking Baby girl up close to where my interview was anyway so it all only made sense for her to drop me off so I wouldn't have to worry about finding the building and parking ect.  and 4) I can have my mama take me if I want.

Once we made the hour drive to downtown the address was difficult to find after circling the block numerous times we saw a firefighter and decide to stop and ask him if he knew which building the office was in because well he is a firefighter and they usually tend to know directions well.  Wrong. This guy was nice but he wasn't even for sure which street we were on.

I gave in called the office and found out which building they were located in which ended up being the first building we thought.

I made it early and it went well.

So the moral of the story here is always buy more than one pair of pantyhose.
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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Bye Sweets Bye.

I was going through pictures on my computer to move to my external hard drive and what I came across was not pretty.  I found pictures  from the past year where I was HUGE.  I don't remember by any means thinking I was a skinny minnie but I sure didn't realize how large and in charge I had gotten again.

From January to August I managed to lose about 18lbs and in efforts to keep this weight off and maybe lose a few more pounds I decided to try to start cutting out sugar.

Baby Huey cut sugar out last year for a month and lost quite a bit of weight.

It's not just about the weight issue but also feeling better and getting healthier.  I might as well start now before the holidays begin than wait until I'm several pounds of fudge in and 30 lbs later to try to get rid of the extra baggage.

Mama C and BH said they would do it with me and  today was our first official day and I have to admit I did cheat but on accident.  I had a piece of candy and a teddy graham.  

Usually sweets aren't my big issue but since moving back home where my family loves sweets and keeps them around always I have found myself shoving them in more often.  I think the hardest part of this will be cutting out sweet tea.

Wish me and my waistline luck!

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