Sunday, December 30, 2012

If it ain't monogrammed it ain't mine.

I am a firm believer that monogramming makes everything better. 

Since I got my new Silhouette Cameo I have been looking to try different things with vinyl.  I have purchased vinyl decals from Etsy before and just love them. 

I thought I would try some of my own. 
This did not end up being as easy as I thought.  The scripted monograms are easier to find fonts for but I ended up spending TWO hours Friday night in search of a circle monogram font.

This is the font I am looking for.  The only place I can find it is through Fontbros. Lets just say they are really proud of their fonts and there is no way I am paying $99 for a freaking font. 

I am also looking for a font like this. 

If anyone knows where I can find this font that is not ridiculously priced please let me know.  I searched Etsy as well and all the fonts I came across only work with embroidery machines.
Girl just wants to make some decals!

Thanks y'all!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

It's a Family Tradition....

Y'all should all go check out these new blogger's blogs!

My baby cousin Aubrey Jo has joined the blogging world and my sister (remember G?) decided to have me set her up since I kinda booted her off mine.  What?! Girl wasn't pulling her weight.

Don't act like you don't remember what it was like when only your Mama and dog were following you and reading your shit.

Anyway they are both brand new so they have only been blogging for like a day, but go show them some love and give them any tips you might have. :)


Friday, December 28, 2012

These are my confessions....

Linking up today for Confessional Friday!

 Did Usher's Confessions song pop into anyone else's head just now? 
 I confess....
I can't wait  for the four day weekend just so I can stay at home and play with my new sewing machine and Silhouette Cameo. Yeah I'm getting old.

I might go shopping after work for a cute NYE outfit that I know I won't end up wearing long because lets be honest we all know I am going to end up in leggings and an over sized tee by midnight. 

I figured out that I can do pretty much the same design stuff on picmonkey and Pixlr as I can on CS5. The difference picmonkey and pixlr are free and CS5 was a couple hundred bucks....don't tell Mama C because I just had to had CS5 last year because there was no other software I could design with. oops.

I'm so over 2012.  I will probably file this year as the lost year in my life book that I don't have.  Nothing super great happened and I was super antisocial.  #postgradproblems

I wish we would get snowed in next week so I can have an excuse for being antisocial and lazy and not have to go to work.

I FINALLY watched the last episode of Gossip Girl last night and think it was the best episode ever and kept rewinding back to a certain part to watch it over and over. I don't want to give anything away...


Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Hangover.

1. Christmas Hangover The day after Christmas, December 26th when you wake up realizing all the fun is over and you have to wait another 365 days until Christmas. Man Wakes up. "Oh Come on 364 more days till Christmas. I have a serious Christmas Hangover." Provided by Urban Dictionary 

I still have that Christmas hangover. I didn't even drink, but I find the day week after Christmas depressing. This year was my first year to have a job to go to the day after Christmas. womp womp. I know I am thankful to have a job at all, but if you have had to work the day after I'm sure you contemplated quitting when that alarm went off at 6 a.m. as well. 

I really enjoy just eating and laying around watching Gossip Girl, but some find this unacceptable for a college graduate to do on the daily. Maybe someday. 

 I must say I don't hate this four day weekend business though. This should happen more often. 

 I've got nothing to entertain you with today kids, but I will be posting a tutorial soon! I finally got a Silhouette Cameo and learned last night how to cut vinyl. Exciting stuff.

 XoxO -S 


Friday, December 21, 2012

You surprised to see us, Clark?

Since everyone seems to be sharing their Christmas cards today I might as well share mine.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! From the Boyfrand and I.

Yes, I said Christmas because that is what we celebrate around these here parts.

I should upload this to Instagram, I just know they would want to sell this.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! I know I will enjoy my four day weekend.

I plan to spend it sleeping, watching Christmas Vacation as many times as possible and stuffing my face.


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Yeah its ok.

It's been awhile since I have linked up for Its Ok Thursday so what better time than the present.
           Its Ok Thursdays       
           Its OK...
That Blogger is driving me crazy.  Lately when I go to write a post the format is all janky. 
That I am so sick of hearing about zombies. dumb. just STOP.

That I have thought each day this week was Friday at some point.  That is 4 days of disappointment.

That everything I fall in love with is outrageously expensive.  Help me I'm poor.

That I think you shouldn't have to wait days or weeks to find out about an interview.  Either you want to hire me or you don't, you should just know the answer is you do.

That I still have many Christmas presents to buy, yet everywhere I go I just more gifts for baby girl.

That my blogging sucks big time lately or ever.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Eenie Meenie Minie Moe....

I'm indecisive.  As much as I love choices I hate deciding at the same time.  My current debate is I am needing a new laptop.  I have always owned Dell computers,  I have used Macs some throughout school and work and liked them, but I haven't owned one.  I need some opinions.  PC vs. Mac? Obviously Apple is more expensive, but if it is worth it I don't mind paying the extra.  Also if I were to go with a Mac do you suggest Apple care or not?

Another opinion needed...
What does everyone think about Google+ ?  Blogger is always suggesting it, but I honestly have no idea how it works or what to do ect.  If anyone uses it and likes it or can tell me what to do let me know. :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

To keep forever sacred the memory of those we have loved and lost.

  I'm not one to be silent often, I usually deal with difficult things through humor, but in this case I find no humor. I feel it is important to remember those you have loved and lost and keep their memory alive, since I don't know any of the victims personally I have no stories to share and I'm not sure of a way to do this other than through silence. I can't even begin to fathom what the people in Newtown are going through.  No one should have to.  If you have uplifting words to post I'm sure plenty would love to read them.


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Look what I made!

 Saw it. Pinned it. Did it.
Today I am linking up with Keep Calm & Carry  On for Saw it. Pinned it. Did it.

I am a Pinterest addict and I have tried many of the things I have pinned, but today I am showing the easiest project I have done so far and I actually did it a few nights ago.  

I chose to make a Christmas tree onesie for Baby Girl.  This took me about 5 mins to make.  I just used what I had in my craft supplies.  I knew being a craft hoarder would pay off sometime.
*Warning I am not good with instructions.

What you will need:
Fabric or hot glue
Onesie or Tshirt

You will want this on a flat surface to make sure the ribbon is centered.  I craft in the floor a lot so my study board my little made me comes in handy.

First just cut however many pieces of ribbon you want for your tree I did 10 pieces.  Just cut them all the same size, fold them over and glue the ends together.

You are going to line them up in a pyramid, you know like the shape of a tree and glue them down.

Last add a little bow or star to the top and a tree stump and you are done!  I am thinking about going back and adding some rhinestones for ornaments.
   Easy Peasy.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I found you Christmas.

Set your worries aside friends, I finally found Christmas....

Mama C had a little surprise for me last night.

 (I was so excited I didn't even care I was looking so homely pretty when Mama wanted a pic.)


I just had posted about not having one and now I do!

Every time tacky Christmas came around in college I always had to borrow one and when I would ask others where they found these fabulous jems most said their mother's closet.  Well Mama C has never had anything close to something this majestical in her closet so she had to go buy me one.

Thank you Mama!

Now onto an epiphany I had.  Well I'm sure it has been done plenty of times but I was thinking I wanted to start some type of monogram swap or something online, maybe through a facebook page.  I know everyone loves stuff more when it is monogrammed.  You get said thing monogrammed and then when you are ready to get rid of it, well I don't know about you but I don't know anyone with the same monogram.  That is where the site, page whatever would come in.  People could come buy, sell trade their monogrammed items.  If anyone knows of something like this already please let me know, or if you would like to help me get this going let me know either way!  You can email me at


Monday, December 10, 2012

Don't be THAT Co-worker.

You know that annoying coworker that is just like Monday, nobody likes them? Yep, we all have them.  If you're thinking nope not ringing a bell, well check yoself! You might be THEM or you are just truly blessed in the co-worker dept.

The office opens at 8.  They arrive at 8:30.  Don't worry though they had plenty of time to swing by and get their daily fountain drink fix.

Like to whistle while you work?  They sure do for all to hear.

Your boss doesn't like you using your cell phone during work?  It's fine they will just put their ring on the loudest it will go.

You are talking to your other co-worker quietly.  No biggie they will just come into your office and join you so they can have a better listen.

Got Candy?  They would LOVE some or all of it.

Oh yeah and I finally made a Facebook for the blog and look like a loser because I am pretty sure Mama C is the only one that has liked it so far. So everyone should probably go like it now. K Thanks!

Happy Monday Y'all!


Friday, December 7, 2012

It's that time, Confessions...

I confess...
I haven't worked out in like a month or two.  The last time I went for a total of 10 mins and got really shakey because I was so hungry so I bolted out of there and shoved a honey bun in my mouth as soon as I got in my car. Sorry I'm not sorry I'm a Heffa and a Honey Bun was all I had.

That 80% of the people I have on my Facebook I keep around for pure entertainment and making myself feel better about my life.

I will only listen to Christmas music in December, anything else isn't getting played.

I really love tacky Christmas sweaters, but I don't even own one. Sad I know it's like I have no soul.

I don't know how to reply to comments without it showing up under comments instead of just to their email?  Some one help a girl out.

When people who annoy me (coworker) talk I hum to myself to block out the noise.

Yeah thats about it for now, a girl has to keep some secrets.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's like that time after Winter formal...only better.

Y'all I just hit 100 followers!
Let's hope I can keep them at least until I finish this post.  (I would hate for y'all to think I'm a liar)
Thank you so much everyone! (I know it's not like I'm winning a Grammy but it means a lot)
I hope everyone will stick around for a while even though at times "I am pretty boring and sometimes cuss."  Thank you Mama C for pointing that out, you try starting a blog lady! Now get onto my Christmas Shopping.

What does this having 100 followers mean now?!
Do I need to do a giveaway?
Do I need to find some sponsors?
Maybe start posting how I get my hair so flat or match my socks every day?!
Maybe this means I will get one of those bloggy besties people talk about!
Maybe I will do a fun giveaway soon, but don't worry we won't be jumping through any fire hoops and you won't have to promise me your first born just for a chance at a stick of butter.

A little about myself for you new followers....

I'm a twenty something, college grad still stuck in the mindset of my sorority days.  I have been job searching for my dream job for about a year now even though I am not so sure what I want to do with my life anymore.  Someone please pay me to be a stay at home daughter who crafts and watches trash tv all day!

My room mates are Mama C, Papa C, Huey and our recent addition Baby Girl (who hopefully becomes a permanent member of the fam)G, who I started this blog with met a boy and moved off the Plantation, left me with more closet space and this blog.

I'm not married.

Unfortunately I don't even have a dog anymore.  My precious Cocker Spaniel, Miss Princess Ana Sophia Diamond C, came up missing a few years ago while I was gone to work week and recruitment.  I think maybe she just took a long vacation, while Papa C thinks that vacay was with Jesus.

I hate working out and rarely ever do. 

I just blog about whatever comes to mind. 

Yeah thats about it kids.
 Thank you so much for following! :)


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Haters gonna hate.

Last night was one of my favorite nights for television as it was the Victoria Secret Fashion Show.  
Every year I look forward to tuning in and feeling guilty for not having an ice cube for dinner, but I love every minute of it.  

I did notice there is quite of bit of hate out there towards these freak of nature starving girls.  I even heard talk of people protesting the fashion show.  Really? I mean if you can't see a Victoria Secret model without developing self hate issues then you were probably doomed regardless of whether the show aired or not.

Would I love to be my original birth weight again? sure.  Would I love to get paid millions to have my picture taken in super cute underwear. Sign me up! 

What people don't think about is all the hard work that goes into looking like that.  I mean the will power it takes to starve yourself into a size 4T, I know I don't have it.  I love Taco Bell.  Giving up solids weeks before the show and water the day of the show?  No way, I am a camel.

I'm just pissed that Beib's didn't sing my favorite Beib's songs for his performance and that I don't have the willpower to give up food.
 (I'm thinking next years Halloween costume...if I lose 100 lbs.)

I will do anything to look like a Victoria Secret Model, but I draw the line at working out and eating right.


Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I'm surprised I still have followers.  I have been keeping up with the blogs I read, but when it comes to blogging myself I've got nothing.

I can't even keep up with photo challenges on Instagram.  Every month I try to start one and this month I failed the first day and well the second and third. I forgot to post my picture. Oops.

 Speaking of Instagram I keep seeing people who only post pics of themselves.  Like here I am just driving to work.  Here I am again in the bathroom.   Did I miss something here?  There is a reason it is not called Selfiegram.  I get the occasional selfie, okay but everrryyyy day.  STOP!  I get embarassed for people.  Maybe it is because I don't do selfies I just feel weird but duck lips are not cute kids.

(Someone get these girls a sandwich!)
Oh yeah and don't forget about the Victoria Secret Fashion Show tonight!! Even though it makes me regret eating all year and it is the only time I feel the urge to workout, I love it.  Wait who am I kidding I never feel like working out.  I will be planted on the couch tonight probably eating while watching those hungry Angels prance around.