Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Eenie Meenie Minie Moe....

I'm indecisive.  As much as I love choices I hate deciding at the same time.  My current debate is I am needing a new laptop.  I have always owned Dell computers,  I have used Macs some throughout school and work and liked them, but I haven't owned one.  I need some opinions.  PC vs. Mac? Obviously Apple is more expensive, but if it is worth it I don't mind paying the extra.  Also if I were to go with a Mac do you suggest Apple care or not?

Another opinion needed...
What does everyone think about Google+ ?  Blogger is always suggesting it, but I honestly have no idea how it works or what to do ect.  If anyone uses it and likes it or can tell me what to do let me know. :)


  1. I can't really speak to the MAC/PC debate. The cost difference seems nuts to me for the same size screen ... I guess it depends on what you are using it for ... I've heard it's much better for photo editing and graphic stuff ... and if you are all about some Apple anyway ... iphone/ipad/itouch/ipod, ieverything ...

    The google+ thing: I don't know if I am a bonafide, genuine idiot or what, but I personally HATE it. Once you sign up, it messes with your blogger profile, and starts putting your first and last name on everything and basically just makes everything more public. I despised it. But, again, maybe I am just an idiot who missed something.

  2. Well, I have had both. I started with a Dell desktops at home and then when I went to college I got a Dell laptop. My Godmother who worked on computers helped me pick it out. I had more problems then I would care to remember with that laptop. The laptop ended up going out a few years later and I got a MacBook. I absolutely adore it and would not go back to Dell. Really the question you should ask yourself is what do you want the laptop for. Mac is really great for being "creative" and you rarely have problems. I have used many apple products and would ALWAYS suggest apple care. If you don't have it then they rarely help you. Pc does have it's advantages with things being easily accessible and interchangeable between brands of pc's

  3. Not an expert on either topic. But my opinion is PC. I personally don't like apple products. I have a dell also & I'll go for another PC once I go to get a new one.
    Google+ is dumb to me. I wish they would stop trying to make it happen, lol. I think I signed up like a year ago, but have never used it & probably won't. It's honestly just another social thing to me. Facebook, Twitter and Blogger are just enough for me.

  4. I have all apple products. I love my Macbook and can't image going back. I have been trying to get my office to get mac's too, but they are stuck on PC's.

    I have Google+ and I just don't get it. I never use it.

  5. MAC. I switched 10 years ago. I have a macbook that is 6 years old and still runs like its brand new. My work uses Macs, because they are more secure and don't get virus's. Plus they run faster. The old saying "once you go mac, you never go back". They cost a little more upfront, but you get what you pay for.

    I haven't done google plus yet. I have faceook, twitter, instagram, and a blog. I'm social media overloaded.