Friday, December 7, 2012

It's that time, Confessions...

I confess...
I haven't worked out in like a month or two.  The last time I went for a total of 10 mins and got really shakey because I was so hungry so I bolted out of there and shoved a honey bun in my mouth as soon as I got in my car. Sorry I'm not sorry I'm a Heffa and a Honey Bun was all I had.

That 80% of the people I have on my Facebook I keep around for pure entertainment and making myself feel better about my life.

I will only listen to Christmas music in December, anything else isn't getting played.

I really love tacky Christmas sweaters, but I don't even own one. Sad I know it's like I have no soul.

I don't know how to reply to comments without it showing up under comments instead of just to their email?  Some one help a girl out.

When people who annoy me (coworker) talk I hum to myself to block out the noise.

Yeah thats about it for now, a girl has to keep some secrets.


  1. hahaha I only figured that out recently too. You have to reply via your email. When you get your email about them posting, it should come directly from their email and you can just reply, unless they're a noreply blogger(grrr;) I want to be your first reply. haha Since they're are few things I love more than a sassy Southerner, I'm all in. Newest follower.

    1. and oh. my. gracious. there are, not they're. My soul just blackened a little.

  2. I haven't worked out in a while either!! it's hard this time of year! You gotta get yourself a tacky christmas sweater!!

  3. Girl, I am with you on Facebook. Most of my normal friends don't post, so all my high school small town drama filled people I barely know anymore keep me highly entertained. Have a great weekend!

  4. I want to raid my mom's closet and send you the abundance of tacky Christmas sweaters she has! What a shame that you don't have one and she has 78,000. Also.. Get outta my head!! 90% of my fb friends are only there for sheer enjoyment. They send me fb messages, and I ignore them, but you better believe I'm the first person to creep on unflattering pictures of them/their kids/or their lack of interior decorating skills (or lets face it.. lack of any kind of taste at all!). When my staff calls me or talks to me, I generally assume that's my queue to tune them out!!

    Sammie @