Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's like that time after Winter formal...only better.

Y'all I just hit 100 followers!
Let's hope I can keep them at least until I finish this post.  (I would hate for y'all to think I'm a liar)
Thank you so much everyone! (I know it's not like I'm winning a Grammy but it means a lot)
I hope everyone will stick around for a while even though at times "I am pretty boring and sometimes cuss."  Thank you Mama C for pointing that out, you try starting a blog lady! Now get onto my Christmas Shopping.

What does this having 100 followers mean now?!
Do I need to do a giveaway?
Do I need to find some sponsors?
Maybe start posting how I get my hair so flat or match my socks every day?!
Maybe this means I will get one of those bloggy besties people talk about!
Maybe I will do a fun giveaway soon, but don't worry we won't be jumping through any fire hoops and you won't have to promise me your first born just for a chance at a stick of butter.

A little about myself for you new followers....

I'm a twenty something, college grad still stuck in the mindset of my sorority days.  I have been job searching for my dream job for about a year now even though I am not so sure what I want to do with my life anymore.  Someone please pay me to be a stay at home daughter who crafts and watches trash tv all day!

My room mates are Mama C, Papa C, Huey and our recent addition Baby Girl (who hopefully becomes a permanent member of the fam)G, who I started this blog with met a boy and moved off the Plantation, left me with more closet space and this blog.

I'm not married.

Unfortunately I don't even have a dog anymore.  My precious Cocker Spaniel, Miss Princess Ana Sophia Diamond C, came up missing a few years ago while I was gone to work week and recruitment.  I think maybe she just took a long vacation, while Papa C thinks that vacay was with Jesus.

I hate working out and rarely ever do. 

I just blog about whatever comes to mind. 

Yeah thats about it kids.
 Thank you so much for following! :)



  1. Love this post! Haha The went on a vacay with jesus.. hilarious

  2. I would like a Target card and a bubble necklace, please! ;)

  3. 102!!! Check you out!!! Congrats girl!! Keep it up!!


  4. Thanks for stopping by Southern Somedays! BTW, I am 25+ years out of college and am still in my sorority mindset (why change?) and I still stay in contact regularly with my Sisters! Now though, I do work on you younger girls to cure you of that "potty mouth"... just ask my daughter and her sorority sisters LOL!

    Can't wait to read more of your very cute blog!

  5. BTW, I am your #103! Congrats on your growing #s.

  6. I'm follower 104 if you cared to know. Really enjoy what I see. Congrats girl and can't wait for more.