Monday, December 10, 2012

Don't be THAT Co-worker.

You know that annoying coworker that is just like Monday, nobody likes them? Yep, we all have them.  If you're thinking nope not ringing a bell, well check yoself! You might be THEM or you are just truly blessed in the co-worker dept.

The office opens at 8.  They arrive at 8:30.  Don't worry though they had plenty of time to swing by and get their daily fountain drink fix.

Like to whistle while you work?  They sure do for all to hear.

Your boss doesn't like you using your cell phone during work?  It's fine they will just put their ring on the loudest it will go.

You are talking to your other co-worker quietly.  No biggie they will just come into your office and join you so they can have a better listen.

Got Candy?  They would LOVE some or all of it.

Oh yeah and I finally made a Facebook for the blog and look like a loser because I am pretty sure Mama C is the only one that has liked it so far. So everyone should probably go like it now. K Thanks!

Happy Monday Y'all!



  1. haha. And once that coworker starts to annoy you, its basically impossible that anything they ever do will redeem them.

  2. yep, exactly what Miss MP just said! No redemption.