Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I will never be 20 again, which is devastating.

It seems like forever since we have posted.  Wish we had a super cool story about why we have been MIA, but sorryboutme I don't.  To be honest I haven't had anything to blog about, or just too lazy.  The most exciting part of my day other than eating of course has been reading the Fifty Shades trilogy. I'm obsessed.  Like most I haven't even had finals, is it sad I actually miss finals too?  Lately I have just been missing college so much even more than I usually do, maybe it is seeing the rest of my pledge class and friends graduating that makes it sink in that college is really over. I am just one of those that is have a tough time adjusting to post grad life.

I miss the date parties. 

I miss Thursday nights.  
I miss living in the Mu.  
  I miss concerts at the Tumbleweed.
I miss house parties.  
I miss HOCO and even pomping.
I miss updating the burn book with my besties.

PC Bar Crawls.
Whoever said high school is the best years of your life never went to college, or a good one anyway.

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