Thursday, April 26, 2012

Just do it...

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IT'S OK....
That sometimes I just a good scroll through my Facebook newsfeed makes me feel better about myself.
That I didn't get the job I had my heart set on for two years and cried like a baby when I found out. What? I felt like I had just been broken up with.
That I reallly reallly want a puppy and sometimes just search and search online and make myself think that I am getting one. It helps.  I miss my Cocker, Sophie, so much.
That I miss college so much it hurts. I get super sad for everyone seeing all their last day of college status updates on Facebook.
That I want to see the Lucky One, just to give myself false hope about about love and guys.

That I always find Condescending Wonka hilarious no matter how many times I see them.
That I can't wait for my other half to come visit this weekend so we can do nothing together.
That this week just isn't working for me, I'm in a bad debbie downer mood.  Maybe next week.
Just link-up don't say no.

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