Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Low-key pissed

Day 3 of Papa C. being gone.  I cannot even begin to describe the ridiculousness that is our household at this exact moment.  This is what our evening has become:

Papa C. would be letting us know, real quick, that lounging around drinking wine is not an acceptable way to be spending an evening when there is shit to be done before work tomorrow. 
S is currently speaking to me in a British accent, something about her bonnet from her baby days. I don’t even know.  I’m just glad she’s stopped with the obsessive-ness over comparing her job interviewing process with her favorite company to a relationship. I have been so confused all day.  I have NOT been able to decipher when she is referring to a boy she is interested in or to the job she is applying for and the man interviewing her.

At one point I told her there were other fish in the sea.  Apparently, that was not an appropriate thing to say while discussing a job.

She keeps going on and on about being "low-key pissed," S, girl, let me tell you right now, there is not one thing low-key about you being pissed at this moment.


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  1. That's a riot she's talking to you in a British language now!

    Xx Kelly