Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's totally fine.

It's OK....

To have spent $45 on Jamberry nails and already peeled off the first set after wearing them for only 11 hours. uggh.
Totes cute right? Thats what I thought until I applied them and they didn't go on smooth then started to peel at the edges, and I looked like I was wearing stickers on my nails. Maybe I'm just Jamberry nail incompetent, but I wouldn't buy them again.

To be super excited to see Miranda Lambert in concert tonight! I hope Blake will make an appearance! :)

That the only part about tonight that I'm not excited about is I won't get to go to bed at 9, but I am making my sister take me to Olive Garden before the concert. (psshh what diet?)

To already be picking out my new company car for the job I haven't even gotten yet. (I plan ahead what can I say?)

That I am obbsessed with post-its. I go through them like nobodys buisness. I just love writing things and sticking them on things. (weird?)

That I drink more water than a camel.

That I always end up doing It's OK Thursday. One less decision I have to make is the blog topic. (I'm super indecisive.)

To just stare at your phone when it rings and think who the heck calls people now days, when you don't feel like talking. Sorryboutcha text me.

Its Ok Thursdays

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  1. I am majorly obsessed with post-its as well, but I tend to get tired of the colors that I have on my desk, so I have to switch them up pretty often!!