Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's Okay y'all it's Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays

IT'S OK.....

To feel more complete just knowing that my halfsie is back in the same state. I have missed her soo soo much.
(yes we insisted on having our composite taken together like Romy & Michele)

To google everything. how else am i suppose to know?

To post more than once a day. I haven't, but like what if I wanted to, is there a rule? I haven't heard anything about a rule.

To be excited to hangout/have a sleepover with my sister's 5 year old god daughter this weekend.  Girl is adorbs and we have the best time together.

 That I can't wait to go to bed and it is only 8ish.  I didn't get my full 9 hours lastnight.

To not always use correct grammar and such when blogging even though it will drive G insane.

That I will be hunting Easter eggs with the cousins Sunday if there is a money egg. What? I'm not employed yet okay.
That I can't really focus on anything else if my nail polish chips. I just begin to obsess over that dang chipped nail.

That I don't like Peeps. Sorry that just ain't me.

That I'm obsessed with the show GCB.

BTW...I had a job interview today with the company I have been wanting to work for, so hopefully I will get a second interview.  Look out big girl world things might get interesting!!



  1. im obsessed with GCB!!!! its so good!!!! i love its ok thursday! i did it too! haha!

    xx Kelly

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  3. Love the Romy & Michele reference! Funny movie

  4. Love GCB! And I google everything too

  5. GCB is my guilty pleasure!

    If you end up getting a pair of Sebago's I wouldn't worry about ordering a size up or down. They run very true to size! It did take a couple days to break them in just like Sperry's but I still love them. If you end up ordering I would love to hear what color you choose! Hope that helps! :)