Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thirsty Thursday...

It's Ok....

Its Ok Thursdays

I'm linking up again.

To hate cats! Sorry I'm a dog person. I really can't stand when I find a cat lounging on my car, especially when there are plenty of cat lovers out there with cars to lounge on!

Its okay that I cant wait to get my hurrr did Saturday! Im getting blonde highlights put in it. I am wayyy over due for this, kids.

That I'm 23 and still live with my Mama and them and I don't hate it.  What? It's fo free, I get home cooked meals, my laundry done and my bank account gets larger due to no bills! The last one is my favorite part.

To be annoyed when your phone rings from a number you don't know, so you get all excited thinking that maybe it is an awesome job offer, but really it is just a phone recording telling you that you could be a winner of a Bahamas trip.  booo. I have won this trip a few times, yet I still have never been to the Bahamas. hmmm?

That I frequent the local TJ Maxx every other day just to make I'm not missing out on something. Sometimes I just look, I'm a recovering shopaholic.  I am soo much better these days. I use to not be able to leave a store without buying something. I would go into panic mode if I was leaving without something, a new shirt, magazine, stick of gum it didn't matter I just NEEDED to purchase something!  Living as a broke college student and getting my AmEx taken away did wonders for my recovery.

That I gave in and went to QT today to try the Pineapple Papaya sweet tea. I saw the sign the other day and thought "Oh Gurrrllll that sounds sooo good."   Not too bad, I don't hate it. I do love all the fresh brewed tea options they now have.



  1. I'm going to be moving back in with my Mama too after graduation and I'm 23...that's just a ok with me! I also am a frequent TJ Maxxer!


  2. I love TJ Maxx.. they have some seriously cute stuff and better prices ;)

    I nominated you for the versatile blogger award!

  3. Aww Thank you so much!! That is too sweet, that is our very first award! :) I will figure out how it works. lol

  4. haha. too funny about the cat! i have a dog and my husband swears to be allergic to cats (i don't believe him), so no cats for us. but, if i found one lounging on my car, i think i would still pet it.