Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Like that one chip is gonna make a difference...wasn't even a whole chip...

On the way home from the gym S was starving.  When we arrived home Mama C wasn’t quite done with dinner so I opened a string cheese.  S was really starting to get cranky and I could tell we were about 14 seconds away from a meltdown so I started to offer her half of it just to hold her over for the next few minutes before dinner was ready.  BEFORE I could extend my hand in her direction or even get the words, “would you like the rest of this?,” out of my mouth S snatched it out of my hand and shoved it into her mouth in one swift motion.  I’m lucky I still have all of my fingers.

 S feels the NEED to buy a Cosmo magazine every time we check out at Wal-Mart, no exceptions.  On our road trip I flipped through the latest issue and read the article on Megan Fox.  Obviously, she’s married to Brian Austin Green.   

If you don’t know who that is, stop reading our blog now, you are worthless to me. 

That girl claims that when she met him she had no idea who he was because she was too young for 90210.   She is only 1 year younger than me and I kid you not, I have seen every episode of 90210 on multiple occasions.   

Mama C may have had strict rules against watching the Simpsons or MTV until I was 20 but I can assure you, 5 year old me always got her weekly dose of the Brenda, Kelly, and Dylan triangle!

There is no way I am the only person who thinks that girl is full of shit, right?  Doesn't everyone love 90210?



  1. Do you watch Happy Endings? BAG was on this past week's episode!

    1. I wish I had time to watch regularly. I can't believe I missed him!