Monday, April 16, 2012

When Papa is away, the Cs will play...

Papa C. is headed out of town today for 2 weeks.  If you know our family, you know that this throws our entire lives out of whack.  Papa runs a tight ship and any and all stability we have is thrown out the window when he leaves.  We are like a bunch of teenagers with their parents out of town, this includes Mama C.: Staying up entirely too late, eating meals completely off schedule, staying out past dark...ya know, hoodlum type things.

Honestly Papa C. is a laid back guy but growing up he was a pretty strict man so we have structure in our lives like nobody’s business.  I have zero respect for any parents that do not overload their children with structure and discipline.  The more structure you have, the less discipline you need.  Papa C. keeps us laughing constantly.  He never means to, BUT that man is hilarious.

I know he didn’t mean for it to be funny, but last night he said these words to me when we were discussing working, and I could not stop laughing: You never give up, you never stop working.  When you give up, they come take your shit, then they throw dirt on top of ya.  May not be funny to you, but to me, it was hilarious.  That man teaches us more life lessons, without realizing it, every day.

Yes, I think my parents are better than every other set of parents to ever exist. 
B.H. had his Senior prom this weekend. He looked very nice.  He was out of town and almost didn’t make it back in time.  S and I had already decided that if he ended up missing prom he was wearing that tux and bowtie to church the next morning.  

Ladies, he’s single.  Contact us if you are interested, seriously, contact us….

P.S. To the lady in the yellow Corvette this morning who got away before I could snap a pic: Do you really have so many men after you that it's necessary to purchase a license plate that says 'Married'?  If so, what is your secret?


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  1. Your dad sounds so much like my dad haha! He ran a tight ship when my brother and I were younger, but he's a little more relaxed now! That sangria looks so yummy--hope y'all had fun!