Monday, April 2, 2012

You see me runnin'...You see me hatin'..

G is an avid runner. Gurrrlll will take off running and return 10 miles later.  Me, you see me running, something is after me!  I do NOT run for fun.

However, along with this new food deprivation diet and boot camp G is putting me through, girl thinks I need to participate in the Color Run and the Warrior Dash.  G says “its only 3.2 miles.”  Well that is 3.2 miles too long for me!

Anywho I agreed to start the Couch to 5k today but we didn’t make it to the gym.  I had to promise G I would run when we got home if we skipped the gym BUT I outsmarted her once again.  I did great today.  I may not have ran but I did not go near that couch.  Step in the right direction, right?

What is this world coming to when I already know the only thing I’m going to enjoy consuming tomorrow is my new chocolate caramel creamer in my coffee that I only recently started drinking.  I just want some Taco Bell.



  1. hahah, I love this post! I have to force myself to run, but once I'm actually running I like it. Good luck!! :)

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