Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Readers: I don't know what keeps you around.  I have been a terrible blogger.  Although I did lose a reader, but thats fine I don't like odd numbers anyway. Love you all.  Dear very successful high paying job:  Where the hell are you?  Thank goodness for my Roomies (mom & dad) I wouldn't be able to afford to live without them.  Dear gas prices: Who do you think you are?  Getting a little proud I see.  Dear  Other Half: Happy Birthday!!! I love you! You are my bestest friend.  We are getting old betch, can't wait to see you tonight and maybe stay up until midnight if we are feeling crazy.  Dear soulmate: Hurry up. This having a job is getting real old.  Dear Tanning Salon Lady Worker: Please don't ask me to buy anything else for your "super cheap" not so much of a discount.  It gets me everytime and I DONT need anymore lotion, bronzing extenders and special lipgloss. Except the goggles I'm not buying into that.

Happy Friday! -S


  1. I feel the same way when I go to the hair salon! For heaven's sake, stop asking me to buy more products!!

  2. Cute blog!! I don't like odd numbers either! Although, I think I just became number 71...eek.

    Haha Here's to one more follower! :)


  3. Love this so much! have a great week :)