Thursday, September 27, 2012

The bigger the bow the closer to Heaven...

I LOVE bows.  I never jumped on the train and sported one myself like some of my sorority sisters, but I do believe when it comes to children, no bow no go.  Every little girl should have a bow to go along with her outfit.  While I have no children myself (thank the good Lord), I have plenty of lil Divas in my life I love to dress up and spoil.  Mama C and I are always searching for bows for my cousins, god neice and random children we find to dress up.  The bigger the better. 

Finally I decided since I have enough ribbon and craft supplies for an army I might as well try making some myself. Surprisingly I actually loved how they turned out!
OSU Cowboys Bow
Light pink and white bow.

This one kinda looks like a bow for a present.

Another OSU or Halloween bow.

I'm no pro, but these were fun and super easy to make.  Maybe I will have to do a tutorial on them.