Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Letters.

Dear Friday:  Love that you are here and thankfully you seemed to come quickly this week.  Dear Life: Could just be my bad mood but are you serious right now?  I know I have a good life and others have it waayyy worse but really?  I just knew I would be somewhere else at this point in my life, better job, better town, ect. YOU SUCK today. Dear Target:  Thank you for letting me find some good deals yesterday, I love my new leopard print shoes.  Dear Carnival Food Stand:  Why are you giving people food poisioning?  The ONLY reason I was going to visit the carnival was for a freaking corndog, but not now.  Dear Body:  Quit being such a fatty and get to the gym.  Dear Readers:  Thank you for sticking around even when I'm boring and Negative Nancy.  Dear Aub:  Happy 18th Birthday Baby cousin!! Thanks for making me feel so old today. I love you!

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