Thursday, September 20, 2012

What I know now.

Just some random things I have learned about the blogging world in my short time here....
When it comes to discussing followers people lie.  Oh I don't care about followers I just write because I love to write. Umm yeah right!  If you have a blog you want followers.

Sponsors, people are always wanting these sponsors. Come quick for an exclusive deal I will post your name on my page for $10000000. It's really an opportunity you don't want to miss, I mean what will followers think of you if you aren't on my sidebar with 500 other people?  Do you really wanna be THAT blogger?  Sorry Im not cool enough to have sponsors yet.
People LOVE to post what they wear everyday, and about how much they pay for things.  I got this top for a steal of a measley $600, run out and scoop yours up right away.  Umm that would not be a "steal".  That would be stupid.

People who read blogs don't like to read.  GUILTY.  If you write a novel and there are no pictures I'm probs not interested.
Someone is always giving something away and all you have to do to enter is enter your email and every social media username you have 75 times, then follow 40 new people, tweet about the giveaway everyday for a year and wait for it to be announced if you won that designer keychain or not.

All the really popular bloggers have super exciting lives and when you read them you want to be their bestfriend. kinda.

People with alot of followers dress really well or spend a lot of money on clothes.

If you post about politics you will lose some followers.

And  I enjoy every minute of it.


  1. I LOLed with all of this because it's SO TRUE - every single thing!

  2. hahah this is awesome, the true side of blogging for sure

  3. Oh man this is true on every level. I mean we all wanna lurk every now and then right?