Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm sorry that people are so jealous of me... but I can't help it that I'm so popular.

Shannen Doherty and the other ones in Heathers
I have noticed through Twitter and reading blogs today, bullying is a subject many feel strongly about.  I didn't watch the X Factor, but I did watch the clip of the girl who was bullied for years then went on the show lastnight.  From what I gathered she was bullied about her singing, not sure what else, but girl was good.  Pretty much her bullys were jealous of her talents and took it out on her.

(Locker Chandelier, apparently all th rage now)

Last night I was also told that my aunt's foster child, a 10 year old girl, is being bullied at school.  You know why?  Because her locker didn't have decorations in it like the other girls.  SERIOUSLY?! That is so RIDICULOUS!   Apparently because she didn't have her locker decorated this meant she was poor and gave them the right to riducle her.  Kids are cruel.  A sweet little girl who has already been through so much and i'm sure worries about plenty already has to now worry about some little trolls at school picking on her about her locker and lord knows what else!  My aunt was headed to shop for locker decorations at 9:30 lastnight. 
Mean Girls
Hearing things like this infuriate me.  Who do these trolls think they are? Regina George?  I know everyone at some point is probably bullied about something whether it be because you don't have something like everyone else or because you have something more.  I know I was bullied many times for the dumbest things, like wearing nice clothes, being voted homecoming queen or driving a nice car.  Stupid I know but yes this is true. 

I wasn't one to really let things like this bother me to the extreme so it turned out fine, but not everyone has the great support system I have always had.  Some kids don't have anyone to look to for reassurance and are going through terrible things outside of being bullied.  It breaks my heart.

I have even been on the other side and been the bully as well.  I know sad. When I was really little I bullied a neighbor girl.  All the poor girl wanted to do was play on my playground in my backyard and I would make her jump through hoops and do whatever I wanted in order to just be able to use my swing.  If I knew me then I would have beat my ass.  I bullied her because I knew she wouldn't argue with me and I finally had someone to boss around.  I'm not proud.

In honor of Throwback Thursday....
G and I as young tots.
(Hard to tell but G has major 80s bangs in this pic)

(Me sleeping on curlers, Mama C didn't take us anywhere without our hair fixed.)


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  1. Oh I hate the bullying stories so much. And I saw the crazy locker decorations at Staples and laughed...I didn't think people actually bought them, let alone teased kids without them. Look ridiculous to me..