Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Heart Hurts...

Yesterday I was doing my usual blog reading, when I came to Living in Yellow blog.

Erin included in her daily post a picture of a cute little 6 year old boy named Isaac.  Isaac's family was just celebrating in September that he was a survivor of Cancer and now they are just trying to enjoy every last moment of the few months they have been told he has left. The Cancer returned and has taken over his spine and brain. 

She also included a link to his parents online journal.  Of course I clicked the link and was sucked in reading for the day. (I wouldn't read unless you plan on shedding some tears.)

 I took this from a post his mama wrote Sunday about their lives lately..."I did, however, bawl my eyes out when washing and changing Jonah and Isaac's sheets and making their bunk beds."
Wow! Breaks my heart what families have to go through.

 This has been tugging at my heart since I read it. 
 I do not know Erin and I do not know Isaac or his family, but what I do know is this poor family is going through Hell right now.
I know it won't take his Cancer away but I added to the right where you can make a $5 donation to go towards his family and anyone can add it to their site as well.  If you go to Erin's blog you can link up to help show support for Isaac.


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