Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday is my second favorite F word...

It's finally Friday and while I could be writing a letter to Friday who probably won't even read it or become all confessional and confess my secrets and sins to readers, I think I will just for once write about my own topic.  Stuff I sometimes want to ask Bloggers but don't.  Wouldn't that be a long link-up name? It's not going to be don't worry.  

But really I know you all think it you just don't say it.  Here is a list of some of the things I wonder...

Who takes all the model like pictures of you?  

Do you spend the day getting ready for said picture and use a tripod or do you actually have a photog that follows you on your way twirling out of the picture perfect house on your way to work?

Do you actually want to read a post about people who sponsor you and why you should check out their blog too? (Not saying I don't want to I'm just asking.)

You give away so much stuff you must be really unselfish or have just a ton of new stuff lying around.  Where do you get it all?

Did these people really just get your address somehow and say I want to send you this cool shit and see if you like it, go on try it out. And how can I get them to find my address?

Do you really think that was a good deal on said item or are you just trying to be fancy huh?

Do readers really send you sooo many emails it is such a burden you have to start posting like a single picture with the caption something along the lines of my popularity is soo stressful need a break, enjoy this pic of peacocks....

Do you really get a ton of emails about what kind of toilet paper you use or foot cream or did you just want to write a post about it?  Either is fine...I think.

Is there really a secret blogging circle and why hasn't anyone taken me under their wing?

That should be all for now.  Please share with me stuff y'all wonder and want to ask Bloggers sometimes.


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  1. This is why I am SO GLAD I found your blog. Umm, yes! I just really really don't wanna get on the sponsor post/give away train. It would be magical to have 345346346 followers ... but - do they read my shit, or are they just "following" for a Target card? No thanks. Love this! Can I re-post? {With credit to the source and a link to your blog of course.} And I will be sure to say, "I don't even know this broad. I just actually read her blog because I like it. Annnnd, she didn't give me any free shit to write this."