Monday, November 5, 2012


Things have been a little boring around the blog lately and they are about to....stay the same.
 This girl is leaving for New Orleans at the butt crack of dawn.   

I'm ready to stuff my face with some great Cajun cooking.

People watch, I know Nawlin's has got to have more than plenty of that.
  (found this on Google, I NEED to find myself one of these drinks)

Have a few drinks.

And I guess work a little since that is the reason they tell me I am going.

Tune in Tuesday, G will be back blogging about her walk of shame. Oh and don't forget to VOTE. duhh.

You know you love me

(BTW I find probs 90% of my post pictures on Google)


  1. OMFG!!!! Nawlins is my most favorite place on earth!!! Geaux Saints!!! Have a freaking blast down there!! Drinks lots of drive thru daiquiris and please think of me! I went to NOLA 3 times 1 year because I loved it so much! I am super jealous of you!! Cannot wait to see the pictures!

    Does that drink have a GI joe in it??

  2. I'm going to NOLA in January for the first time and I cannot wait!! Looking forward to a trip recap :)