Thursday, November 15, 2012

I don't do lines...

It's Thursday y'all,  Breaking Dawn Part Two comes out tonight at midnight!  As much as I do love some Twilight I will not being waiting in line after work to see the movie.  I don't do lines.  I would rather wait a day or two and see it crowd free. People just tend to piss me off in large groups.

Speaking of lines, large groups and being pissed off, next Friday is Black Friday already.  Where did the year go?
I don't do Black Friday either.  Every year on the way to my aunts house for Thanksgiving we pass a Best Buy on the way and there are always tents and tons of people starting to line up for the next days sales.  For starters I don't do tents outdoors unless it is a tailgating tent, I don't do lines and I sure don't miss a meal especially one like Thanksgiving to do any of the above.  Sorryboutme not happening.  

As much as waiting to be let into a store to battle other crazies for cheap shit sounds appealing it just isn't my kind of thing. Even though I always dreamed of going on Super Market Sweep and Black Friday is the closest I will probably ever get I would almost rather pay extra just to avoid those festivities.

Instead I think I will enjoy my day off sleeping in my cozy bed, then probably move to the couch, stuff my face with some Thanksgiving left overs and watch some Christmas movies.  I will be online for Cyber Monday though!  Anyone know of any can't miss deals?  I'm hoping to find a good deal on a Cameo Silhouette machine.

What about y'all do any of you go to crazy town for Black Friday?

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  1. A to the men girlfrand! Black Friday is for crazy mofos. The highlight of my Christmas shoppin has already occurred. I went junkin today and bought vintage Christmas goodies to decorate with and I feel like I've had 6 shots of espresso I'm so cracked out about it. Whoo Hoo!!!