Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Remember that time I scheduled my post to publish yesterday morning?  Yeah me either.  I forgot to hit publish.   Maybe that is why scheduling post don't really work out for me.  

So I know I have mentioned ACE a lot lately, but sorry I'm not sorry.  It is great stuff and making everyone around me get skinny, I just don't see a negative here.  Even our preacher said to Mama C " I hear you have been helping everyone lose weight lately, our church is going to be much smaller in no time."  I just told him we were trying to make room for more.

What made me think of this though was when I was uploading my Easter pictures I took over the weekend and came across a picture of my Cousin, girlfriend has started taking ACE and looks good!!

  Check her out for yourself!

Doesn't she look good?  I mean I know she looked good before but even better now!

My sister G is actually having a contest on her ACE facebook page so if you want an easy way to get some free ACE go check her page out and tell her I sent you!

The winner of my Classy N Sassy Creations Giveaway will be announced this week!

Happy Tuesday! 


  1. I take ace and I love it! It is making this bridal fitness plan go much smoother!

  2. I wanna know what this is?!? :-) She looks GREAT!

  3. Yeah fill me in on this Ace business!!

  4. wait what is it? is it a diet pill?
    and yes, your cousin looks awesome!

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  5. I use this product and I love it! It works amazing. It decreases my appetite so that I eat smaller meals. Plus, it gives me gradual energy throughout the afternoon (I take my pill at 2 pm).

  6. It's a natural appetite suppressant and energy supplement. No jitters. None of that heart pounding out of your chest feelings. Every dr and pharmacist I've talked to about it has not only approved it but encouraged it. Some even take it themselves. If you want more info go to my Facebook page S had posted above and that will answer most questions.