Thursday, April 11, 2013

Is this real life?

On one of my daily ventures through Pinterest I came across these candles.

They are called Diamond Candles and inside every candle there is a ring valuing anywhere between $10-$5000 and the candles are $24.95.

You burn the candle and eventually the ring appears.

My question is has anyone heard of these candles?  Is this real life?

I want to order one, I am always burning candles in my office.

The website looks legit but you never know and I wouldn't want to end up like Manti Tao.


  1. I know someone who buys them all the time. The rings she posts on Facebook look cheap as hell. So, I'm wondering if there's a real one out there somewhere. Ha!

  2. It all depends on what type of ring you get! I used to love to look up youtube videos of girls digging out their rings from the candles. The company is real though and trustworthy. Of course the more expensive rings are rare!

  3. They may smell nice, but I'm with @Misty - the rings always look cheap and I often wonder if they are real gold or plated.

  4. I've heard from some bloggers who love them, but I've never tried it myself!

  5. I think I saw this over at Kristen's {All in My Twenties}. I would wonder how to get all the gunk off the ring once I found it.