Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend Shenanigans

Today is little weekend recap for y'all, because I know everyone is just dying to know what I was doing all weekend.  
Warning: Picture overload.

And I just remembered that today is April fools day and I didn't even have a prank/joke in mind for y'all and to be honest I always get it twisted and think that today is when you are suppose to wear green.

First up a sneak peak, I am redecorating my room and finally put all the bedding and pillows on my bed.

I did some shopping and wasn't even planning on buying myself anything until I came across the cutest shorts and I had to buy almost every color, but I used control and didn't.  I think I will just go back in a few days and buy the rest.

Anchors, sailboats and the color mint I couldn't just not buy them.

I have this obsession with all things nautical so anytime I find something with anchors or sailboats I have to buy it.

Spring time means we have several new baby calves.

Saturday morning I helped Baby Huey with some of the cattle, we call him the calf whisperer.  Unfortunately we have a sick momma cow and that means a new bottle calve.    BH told Papa C when he checked on the momma she was foaming at the mouth which usually mean pneumonia and she probably won't last much longer because she can't get up.  Always breaks my heart.

Sunday was filled with Easter fun.  We woke up and Baby Girl found her Easter basket.  Which she loved.

Then we headed to church.

After church we to my aunt's house for our family Easter festivities.  Mama C is one of seven so our family get togethers are always big and loud and have lots of food.

Hope Y'all had a good weekend!


  1. your Easter weekend looks as busy as mine! let me see: loving the new redo, need the chevron dress, and love love love baby cows! nautical stuff is a favorite of mine too, even though i don't own a boat or live near the water. I'd opt for either or both though.

  2. Your Easter outfit is adorable! Love the nautical shorts too. So cute!