Monday, April 8, 2013

That facebook friend...

Yeah, you know the one we all have them.
Maybe they are the one who...

Doesn't do anything without posting about it on facebook first and if they didn't check in it didn't happen.

The couple that everyone knows is together 24-7 yet they still constantly write on each others walls about how much they love each other.

The poor pity me status updater.  You know the one who was dealt the worst card in life and nothing ever goes their way so they must share their crappy life with everyone so everyone knows they have it worse.

The one who always is asking to "barrow" things.  Well for one if you have to resort to Facebook to find someone's car to use you probably have no business driving a car and I'm not sure what "barrow" means but I don't think I want you doing it to my car, I have heard of borrowing but not barrowing.

The HeandSheLover couple that share a facebook but you never are sure who is the one commenting, posting, ect...

The one that constantly changes their profile picture and it is usually a rotation of their top 5 favorite selfies over the past 6 years.

The one that is always inviting you to join them on some game you don't want to play.

The one who uses a signature every time they comment as if you didn't know who the comment came from.  ~***Sydney**~

The one that always post that awful terrible thing that happened to them but doesn't ever want to share what happened when people ask because it is "personal"which is why they posted it as their status of course.

Tha 1 who kan't speeel 2 save there lyfe, yet catches your attention because you spend some time trying to decode it.

The one who updates their status with whatever they found on Pinterest and thought was clever every five minutes.

One of my favorites is the one who takes pictures with disposable camera quality, uses a terrible font to add their name or inspirational quote and everyone comments how great of a photographer and photo editor they are.

The one that sends you private messages confessing their love for you and what they would like in a lifelong mate and would love it if you would become facebook friends.  Oh and you have never met.

The one who if people don't start commenting on their status or writing on their wall they will just delete their account foreverrrr.

I totally haven't spent anytime on facebook lately.


  1. can i just throw out the one who posts updates via their mobile (implying smartphone here) and the update mentions how they are going to get their food stamps and picking up the middle of the day.

  2. Omg this is too funny and so true! I hate hate hate the couple facebook profile's. I mean damn are they so much up each other's butts they can't manage to have two accounts?! As for barrow, whom ever gave that person their license they need to be slapped.

  3. Oh, this was a wonderful post!!! And, why I hate Facebook so.very.much. I despise it. I don't even have the app on my phone b/c I literally check it once a day for my Scentsy page...THAT'S IT! Blah. What happened to the days when you had to be a part of a network in order to join and be approved. Now the creepers and dumb-bo jenkins have taken over!

  4. OMG this is great! I have sooo many people on Facebook I just wanna be like...ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!

  5. This is why Facebook has been doing it wrong as of late. Facebook makes you hate people you actually know and twitter makes you love people you've never met.

    I have all these people on FB lately. The ones who really get me are the girls complaining about they baby daddies. If he was a deadbeat not taking care of his previous kids before you, you's the fool.

  6. Hahaha I frequently consider deleting my account because of all of the above. But then I just get sucked in because these people amaze me so much. The lovey-dovey couple is by far my least favorite!!

  7. it's like watching a car wreck, ain't it? i like showing people what i eat and drink all weekend. ;)

  8. Yeah I'm beginning to hate Facebook.