Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sister Sister

I have been so out of touch with the blog world lately and have so much reading to catch up on and probably some posting if I want to keep any readers around.  
(G visiting me back in the day at college to make sure I was doing things the right way, her way)

I was thinking since my sister is getting married this weekend and she is kinda a big part of my life I could do a post or two revolving around her.  I did kick her off my blog months ago for not pulling her weight.  

G has always been one of my bests of course she has been that bestie that at times you don't know why you like them but you have invested too much time you can't just abandon ship.

G is 3 years older so she has always been there for me to guide me in the right direction, her direction that is.  You know for the typical things...someone to play with, help do chores, tell you what you like and don't like.  Typical sister things.

G helped me make decisions in life.  Like when it came to movies when we were little she declared The Little Mermaid her movie and mine could be Beauty and the Beast.  

When it came to boy bands she informed me that N*Sync was her thing and Backstreet Boys could be mine.  

What a sweet heart, I know.

I could always count on her to fight my battles for me, like in Kindergarden when this playground troll said she could see my panties because I was wearing a dress that day and it was windy.  I marched straight to the 3rd graders playground and told G what was up and there she was next to me below that troll on the monkey bars, demanding she know and understand that I looked adorable in that dress and she better never mention being able to see my underwear again.

So see sisters are good for something kids.  G I do appreciate you guiding me through life and it's big decisions.


  1. awww. I love having a sister

  2. Haha I love the playground story, hilarious!

  3. You love Beauty & The Beast and the Backstreet Boys!

  4. this is sweet and makes me miss my sister!

  5. awww I love this post! :) Makes me wish I had a sister



  6. I am glad your relationship with your sister is a healthy one. I just got done blogging about how UNhealthy the female relationships are in my family. A blessing for sure!
    And, I always did love me some Belle from Beauty & the Beast.