Friday, March 21, 2014

Binge TV

Everyone has those shows that just suck you in and next thing you know the weekend is over and you just completed watching every episode ever filmed of said show.  You may not have cleaned your house or even showered for that matter but you sure know what happened in episode 16 season 2.  Netflix was made for people like me I don't keep up with shows on regular airtime because I just can't. I'm impatient so I can't handle waiting an entire week before seeing what happens next and I don't do commercials.

My binge shows are...
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Gossip Girl.  All time best show. Ever.  I just don't understand how it's just over just like that over. I may or may not have watched the series a couple of times.

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90210, the newer show not the original.  While I love the original and nothing can ever replace it I really love the remake.

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Hart of Dixie.  How is it that more people aren't obsessed with this show?!

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Don't trust the B in Apt 23.  This is definitely one that I had to get into once it was available on Netflix.

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Teen Mom/16 and Pregnant.  This show has always just sucked me in and I can't stop watching. Babs is my girl.
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  1. I keep telling myself I need to watch Hart of Dixie because it seems like one I'd love. My absolute favorite show to binge watch is Sex and the City. In college my favorite way to spend a Friday afternoon was curled up in bed with sonic diet vanilla coke and just watch episode after episode until one of my sorority sisters made me get out of bed to get ready to go out that night.
    From Mississippi With Love

  2. My friend loves Hart of Dixie, and I've watched it with her a few times too. I binge out on Criminal Minds, Sex and the City, Law & Order SVU, and Real Housewives. If any of these shows come on, I'm practically glued to the couch and cannot be expected to move at least for a couple of hours!