Thursday, April 17, 2014

10 things...

10 things you might not know about me...

I'm pretty OCD.  Everyday I have a schedule and I rarely get off track.  I'm talking certain times I refill my ice water, check email, eat ect...

I can actually cook.  Contrary to what most people who know me think I really do cook and it doesn't turn out too bad.

I don't understand Tumblr.  I like it but I don't get it.  I see something, I want to click it and find out where it came from but nothing. I guess that's why it isn't called Pinterest.

I am a Pinterest Addict.

I spend entirely too much time on sites like Buzzfeed and Elite Daily ect... How else am I suppose to know which 90s girl I really am, or how much I love cheese or 25 reasons I am single?  I wouldn't if it weren't for those sites.

I don't do selfies.  Like ever really.  I'm just awkward like that. I can't.

I monogram everything.

I usually prefer to stay in instead of going out.

I rarely ever leave the house without sunglasses.  Even when its raining you might need some sunglasses.

I don't understand when someone says they don't like country music. That's all I need to know about you.

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