I am a twenty something college grad, I moved back home to the plantation with my roommates parents after graduation.  Believe it or not you actually have to find your own job when you graduate, they don't come find you or I just missed their call.   

I started this blog with my sister, but then she met a guy, fell in love and well it is hard to blog while holding hands and  gazing into someone's eyes I am sure, so she rarely makes an appearance on here anymore.  
I am not married or have a fratdaddy.  No big dating advice here.
I have no children, yet somehow I always seem to have someone else's kid hanging out with me.
I don't even have a dog anymore.
I don't put together runway worthy outfits or take magazine worthy pictures.  Even though I had to buy a fancy camera and take a photography class for my degree I'm not so great in the picture department.
I own more craft stuff than I should but I am no Martha.

I love glitter.
Sweet tea is my drink.

So what do I blog about? Anything and everything, life, post grad life, my sorority days, politics, religion anything most people avoid.  
I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut and usually say what everyone else is thinking.