Friday, May 16, 2014

Advice for Grads...

It's that time of year again for graduates, which got to me thinking about advice I would give to those that have recently been spit out into this place we call the real world.

Some things you should probably know about post grad life before reality slaps you hard in the face...

First and foremost the fun is over.  (jk post grad can be fun I guess)

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The career gods are not going to show up at your door begging you to take your dream job off their hands, unfortunately this is not a thing.  Trust me I know I am still anxious at the sound of a knock at the door.

No matter how often you visit or don't visit your college town things will never be the same again. Everyone will always from here on out be younger, skinnier and make you wish for your youth to return.

Everyone and their dog will get engaged, just hopefully not to their dog thats just really weird. Every. Single. Day.  and you may be single and no where near this stage in your life and thats okay.

There will be plenty of people who appear to have the perfect job, life ect. according to facebook and instagram anyway.  Just keep scrolling life is hard.

You may have imagined your life one perfectly planned way, but you could be wrong.

You are probably going to get a job or two that you hate.

You might move back in with mom and dad.

There will be people who land their dream job right away.  Those people are rare and no one liked them anyway.  Kidding. Kinda.

And most importantly you are probably not alone in any of this.

In the meantime  for those who are still taking classes and getting ready for a new semester go check out  start saving that money now while it is still acceptable to be a broke college student and rent your books.

Some perks of is 40-90% off bookstore prices and free shipping both ways. (I'm a sucker for free shipping) And they donate to Operation Smile with each textbook rented, so go try out

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  1. Just keep scrolling, just keep scrolling.. Literally my life mantra.

  2. You are one of those people who looks like they have the most awesome job because of all the free stuff BUT...if they only knew:)