Monday, February 3, 2014

Just a little advice...

While I am probably not one to be giving out blogging advice, I figured I would share some things I have learned along the way.

Write like you are talking to your friends.
Unless you don't have friends and in that case well I don't know how to help you there.

Pictures. People like pictures.

Ain't nobody got time for solving the Rubix Cube before being able to leave a comment. Take that word verification off.

Read other blogs.  I really don't know how I still have any readers as much as I have neglected this blog the past year but what I do know is reading other blogs is what brings the readers to your yard. If you aren't willing to read other blogs why would we want to read yours?

Respond to comments.  What? like it's hard? While some may not agree I just think it's polite.  They took the time to leave a comment take the time to reply.

That's about all I have for today.

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  1. I agree! Great tips for new bloggers!

  2. Having to go through the word verification is my absolute pet peeve. I'm convinced they don't even work anyway because I know there is no way I type it in correct every time. Great tips!

  3. I think commenting is the most important thing about blogs!

    xo. Kailagh

  4. These are great tips! Love!


  5. Love your honesty, and the fact that this post was somewhat of a "Come to Jesus" with getting rid of the word verification on my blog! Haha :)

  6. Haha, your advice made me laugh, but these are some great tips. Thanks!