Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tutorial Time


I finally tried out heat transfer vinyl again, the last time I gave it a go it wasn't pretty.

I ordered different vinyl this time around and the better quality made a huge difference and it was much easier to work with.

I used my Cameo Silhouette.
After you have designed your image you want to go on the t-shirt you need to make sure to mirror the image before cutting or your design will go on the t-shirt backwards.

To do this (in the silhouette design studio) Go to object > Transform > Mirror Options, then the mirror options will come up over on the right side choose the top option, flip horizontally.

I used my cutting mat since I was using small pieces of vinyl for this project, but it would be fine to use it without with a larger piece as well.

I put my vinyl on the mat shiny side down.

After cutting I peeled away the excess vinyl and laid it flat on the shirt how I would want it to go on to make sure it was centered ect before ironing.

I used two plain t-shirts I had bought forever ago with plans to do something with the vinyl, and let them get super wrinkled in my closet.  It is best to iron them first.

I then centered the vinyl and used a sheet of teflon over it and ironed on top of that.
I did mess up on my monogram on the first shirt I got in a hurry when I was designing and it is out of order. 

And the final product...

I thought they turned out pretty good myself.  Next project will be some new onesies for my baby niece!

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